Sweet Little Things About Me - My Creative Side & 90s Board Games Favourites

The other week I played along with Lisa at Sweet Little Pretties and her Sweet Little Things About Me meme/link-up. You should totally play along too, it's lots of fun. I missed the first bunch of themes so I thought I might double up over the next few weeks so I've done them all.

This weeks theme is My Creative Side.

I consider myself to be a fairly creative person. I'm great at coming up with new ideas for things to do, and I love to get my craft on. The only problem is I'm terrible at follow-through. In some ways I am the typical sanguine! (If you don't know what that means I'll blog about it later).

I've started and then let fall by the wayside so many crafts it's not funny. Knitting, scrapbooking, plaster painting, mosaic making. I'll give anything that looks fun a go. Just don't hold your breath for me to finish it.

One thing that I have found that I am good at following through on, that I can finish, because it doesn't take much time and effort, is nail art. I've always loved getting my nails done and having them painted wild and amazing colours, with fancy and far-out designs, and I used to get acrylics done on a regular basis when I first gave up smoking, years ago, as a reward for kicking the habit.

All of these were painted by me
But time and money factors meant that I stopped getting them done and used to just paint them any colour and be done with. But since being pregnant with Mia and having awesome nails, I got back in to the nail design craze in a big way and I look forward to the weekends so I can try something new on my nails. I'm by no means the best at it, I still have a lot of practicing that I need to do to get really good and neat, but I am having so much fun trying!

And now, one of the older themes - My Favourite Board Game

I LOVE boardgames and but haven't played any in a while. I think the last game I played was the Spicks and Specks board game with my family. It was a lot of fun. Dave has revealed an awesome talent for music trivia. Who knew?!?!

So anyway, when I was a kid I would have to say I had two absolute favourites when I was older and two absolute favourites when I was younger. When I was younger my favourite childhood games were Beetle and Guess Who. Those were my faves to play with my sister. I was also pretty partial to some Connect 4 and Operation, although we never actually owned Operation, which I wasn't very happy about it. Trouble was also a great game, as was Hungry, Hungry Hippos. We used to go nuts playing Hippos. How that game lasted as long as it did with us bashing those poor little Hippos I'll never know. Can you tell I love my 90s board games yet?

When I got a bit older I loved to play Monopoly. No-one liked to play with me though as I had a tendency to cheat. Yep, that's right, I'm a Monopoly cheater and I'm not ashamed to admit it. When playing with my sister A I always insisted on being the banker and used to line my pockets like any good banker does. Needless to say, A could never win and so did not like playing it much. In case you're wondering, I was always the dog. Which is pretty fitting you know, being a bitch and all!

Just some of the many, many board games I love
The other 90s board game I loved was Hotels. It was kind of like Monopoly except you actually built 3D hotels onto the board. It was fantastic, and also another game I used to try and cheat at. But it was a little harder to cheat in Hotels and by the time we got it A had cottoned on to what I'd been doing in Monopoly and I wasn't able to get away with the cheating as easily.

I could go on and on about board games, I really do love them, but my all-time favourite board game, from my younger years to now, which I suppose isn't strictly a board game, would have to be Trivial Pursuit. I LOVE it.

Sadly I have to play it by myself these days, against a computer, because no-one who knows me, family or friends, is stupid enough to play against me. I know a stupid amount of useless facts and information and tend to get pretty competitive when playing trivia games and so I've been banned, by both family and friends.

I got in so much trouble one night when playing with friends that I was asked to go outside and not return until the game was done. And once, when we had a big family trivia game at my cousin's house during one of our extended-family Christmas get-togethers, I was again banned from answering any questions, so as to give other people a chance. I did protest that decision with the argument that it wasn't my fault everyone else was stupid, but somehow that argument didn't endear me to anyone. Idiots.

So, tell me, are you in to board games? Do you have a favourite? Are there any old school board games of  or childhood games you want to play again? 

And what about creativity, is there anything that you're particularly crafty at? I guess you could say that I am crafty when it comes to board games. Geddit?!?! Yep, I should really be a Dad.

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You are very talented in Nail Art = )
Thank-you for playing along x
Unknown said…
Loving the nail art!

I love getting my nails done. I've got gel nails every three weeks for 3 years now! It is my one little luxury I get myself. Love getting different coloured french tips. Pale pink with purple tips is my favourite so far.

Yours are very clever!
Kel said…
You're getting far too clever with those nails!
Kylie Purtell said…
Thanks Lisa, and thanks for hosting!
Kylie Purtell said…
There is something nice about going and getting your nails done and just being able to sit there and do nothing for a short period of time. I find it relaxing. I'm thinking of getting some gel nails for my sisters wedding at the end if the year, as a bit of a wedding/Christmas treat, as it's only a few weeks before Christmas.
Kylie Purtell said…
Yep, because I spend far too long playing with them!
Amy xxoo said…
My fave board game is also Trivial Pursuit, followed closely by Scattegories ( and yes I also have occasionally been accused of cheating just because I know a lot of useless crap! )

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