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Saturday, 11 August 2012

a Snap, a Set, a Song - WINTER

This weeks theme for a Snap, a Set, a Song is WINTER

Every winter when I was living with the in-laws we would have a massive bonfire,
dubbed The Towering Inferno. As the name suggests, we would build a massive bonfire and take great joy in setting it alight! Don't worry, Dave and his Dad are members of the
Rural Fire Service and we always had a fire hose on standby, just in case!
(it came in handy for hosing the surrounding trees down, sometimes they'd start smouldering!)

Winter - Scarves
I definitely prefer Spring or Autumn as my fave seasons, but the thing I love about Winter is being able to wear lots of scarves! I own a ridiculous amount of scarves and have even started extending my collection into lighter ones that I can wear at any time of year. As you can tell, I tend to lean more towards the pinks and colourful prints

I love Mumford & Sons and this was the only song I could actually think of that fit the theme!
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  1. I was just telling my husband a few days ago about the bonfires we had out west. Every 21st in winter in Roma had a bonfire in the backyard. Loved it!! Yours is HUGE!
    Pretty scarves. I have heaps and heaps of knitted ones...but they're all for my shop. I like the light weight ones, so pretty.
    Another song I almost went with!

    Great SS&S
    Thanks so much for linking!

    1. I know, I used to think that scarves were only for winter but now I am starting to re-think that...they might not work in the middle of summer but definitely in Spring and Autumn.

      Aren't bonfires the best! I must admit the idea for this annual bonfire was mine, born from my inner-pyro wanting to build the biggest bonfire ever!


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