Thirty by 30 - The End Result

So, back in 2009 I jumped on the bandwagon and created a Thirty by 30 list. Thirty things to do by the time I turned 30. Well, I turned 30 in June this year and lets just say not much progress was made on that list from the last update I posted in May of last year.

The green text is my updates from May 2011, the pink text is my updates from January 2010.

I will add in the final updates in purple italics.

1. Buy & Learn how to use a sewing machine (I am trying to convince Dave to get me one for this birthday!) (This did not happen. And probably won't for quite a few years to come)
2. Fix our home loan (this I want to do in the next few weeks) (We refinanced and it has made a huge difference to being able to pay off our credit card) (We are currently in the process of looking to re-finance again so that we can finally get our kitchen and bathroom renovated)
3. Get a new kitchen (this probably won't happen now until after bub and I've gone back to work)(see above, hopefully be done by the end of this year or early 2013, but definitely before we decide to baby #2, whenever that may be)
4. Get a new bathroom (hoping to get this organised in the next month or two. We have a three-way bathroom and we are probably just going to get the shower/bath area completely re-done)(see above)
5. Get the roof insulated
6. Landscape the backyard and turn it into a proper outdoor entertaining area (another thing we just don't have the money to do, will probably get half done once Mia is a little bigger and wanting to play outside but probably not a total makeover till after we've had a second bubs)
7. Make myself a skirt and wear it out!

8. Knit a pair of socks (I've given up on knitting for now. Too many other things to do!)
9. Finish my knitted patchwork blanket (one day. One day)
10. Climb the Harbour Bridge (yeah, can't see this happening now)(I still hope to do this one day, definitely before I'm 40!)
11. Go to the Northern Territory (I'm working on this, though Dave doesn't seem to understand the concept of a babymoon!)(our babymoon ended up being a trip to Port Stephens for our anniversary, not quite the NT but it was nice)
12. Get a new car
13. Dye my hair black (I've bought myself a voucher for a full colour, foils, cut & blow-dry which I intend to use towards the end of the year so might do it then)(ended up going with some highlights and a new cut, totally forgot about going black)
14. Archive all my photos on a portable hard-drive Update: in the process of scanning in all film photos to archive

(I made good progress on this and got most of the old ones I had printed scanned in and archived but just recently I came across a box of negatives so I plan to get them all converted into digital files soonish) 
15. Go deep-sea fishing (again, not gonna happen anytime soon)
16. Play paint-ball (refer to #15)
17. Make $1.5 million in sales in one FY at work
18. Get a new DSLR
19. Get more lenses for my DSLR
20. Read 200 books Update: have currently read over 35 books, so doing well(I've currently read about 115 so I think I can do this, until a baby comes along and derails me!)(I am not 100% sure on what my final count was but I know I came damn close, if not finished it. My Kindle and bookshelf tell me I did so I'm crossing it off!)

21. See Coldplay live (There is no way I could camp for days at Splendour so hoping they will do some side-shows in Sydney, not holding my breath though!)(didn't happen, and with Mia here now I don't think I'll get to see them when they are here again soon either)
22. Write a short story (I still have plans to do this, am thinking about joining in with Muse Wars over at RRSAHM one day)
23. Pay off the credit card Update: Have now split credit card and doing Very good job paying one of them off (See number 2)(Pretty close to doing this and the mortgage re-finance will finish this off)

24. Swap over and re-arrange the spare bedrooms
25. Un-pack every last box in the house (This is going to happen in the next month or two due to now needing the space to fit a new member of the household in!)(done! took months of weekends but we got there in the end. The amount of crap we had was unbelievable!)
26. Got to Tasmania (another one that got away, but again, still hope to do this sometime)
27. Go Overseas* (we went to the US and Canada a year ago Friday. Can't believe it was a year ago! I want to go back!)(it's now been over two years since we were overseas and I still want to go back. Where has the time gone?!?!)
28. Organise and maintain a proper filing system where filing is done more than once a year at tax time! (this is slowly happening. I've shredded a shit-load of the crap that was in the cupboard, just need to shred a bit more then do final filing organisation)(this one is still a work in progress, I though I had it all sorted and then found a massive pile of stuff in the other spare room that now needs to be sorted and I am ashamed to say there is still a shit-load of shredding to do!)
29. Re-paint the house and fill it with colour (we started this last August and got as far as our bedroom. But it looks damn good. Gonna do a baby room next! Woohoo!)(we did the baby's, well, my Mum and sisters mostly re-did the painting in there, but when we get the bathroom and kitchen re-done I plan to re-paint the rest of the house)
30. Get pregnant (Yeah baby!)(she is sitting on my lap as I type. Best thing I ever did. Aside from marrying Dave that is!)

So that's that. I managed to cross off 12 items. Not real great when you consider that is not even half but oh well. I got lots of other things done in the last three years that weren't on that list and I'm proud of that so I can't complain. I'm thinking I am going to write a bucket list of all the things I really want to do before I die, and maybe a list of 5 things I want to achieve by the end of next year and work on those instead.

Update #1 - 29/09/09

*Update #2 - 19/01/10 - You may or may not have noticed, I have actually changed #27 from Go to Fiji to Go Overseas. Due to some developments, overseas is going to be achievable which makes going back to Fiji unachievable.

Update #3 - 16.05.11 - I have crossed off 10 items (a third of the list) and have half completed 5 items


Kel said…
Lol, your priorities sure have changed, haven't they? Is there a single item on the list that you actually completed? I'm working on a list of things to do in my 30s, I'm keeping it short to be realistic. Will post soon :)

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