Nine Months

On Thursday Punky was 9 months old. Talk about scary!

Especially if you consider the fact that she will probably be walking by the time she hits 10 months the rate she's going! She's already starting to let go of things when she is cruising around the furniture and can stand pretty steadily for quite a bit of time. Dave has been making her 'practice' her standing and I know he can't wait for her to walk.

I on the other hand can wait. I'll be happy if she takes her time! A lot of time, please!

This last month Punky's appetite has gone through the roof, she still really loves her food and I've started giving her morning and afternoon tea as well. She mostly only has breastfeeds in the mornings and late afternoon and before bed now which works really well the days I am at work.

She's become quite the little sticky beak too. She was always an observant little thing, even when she was still quite new, but she has taken it to a whole new level the last few weeks. Every little sound she hears she's looking around, trying to see where it came from, she's discovered how to open drawers and doors and loves to explore what's inside them, hence the need to baby-proof everything.

The house is her little haven and she loves to get around and touch anything that she can. She walks around pushing the dining table chairs all over the backroom, only stopping when she meets an obstacle that won't give way. She's a little bulldozer!

She crawls so fast now as well, I leave her on one side of the house so I can quickly go the toilet and before I'm even pulling up my pants her little head is poking around the door to see what I'm doing. She loves to give the baby in the mirror kisses and I'm constantly cleaning her spit of the mirror. The last week or so she's started clapping her hands and she's finally getting the hang of waving. She even high-fived me the other day! She was so proud of herself.

All in all it's pretty exciting times around here, she is growing and learning at an astounding rate, we can barely keep up with her. Her sleeping is still up and down, and she certainly has her moments of separation anxiety. Her temper is also becoming well developed, try to take something from her that she's not ready to give up and boy, does she let you know she's not happy about it.

I still can't quite believe that she has basically been here almost as long as I was pregnant for now, it felt like a lifetime that she was inside of me, and then suddenly I blinked and she's been here for 9 months! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what the next 9 months brings, that's for sure.


Kel said…
There's not as much of a change between her 8 and 9 months photos as there is in the earlier ones, hey? And I just LOVE the very last photo of her, she's so pretty! She looks very Purtell-like in that one :)
Ronnie said…
Time really does fly in that first year, and then all of a sudden they become an infant and it can be such a shock sometimes.
She is truly adorable. Enjoy every moment.
Ronnie xo
Unknown said…
Mia is gorgeous! I love the month singlets! Where did you get them? That collage is awesome!

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