a Snap, a Set, a Song - Feather

This weeks theme for a Snap, a Set, a Song is FEATHERS.

This is our finch Snowy. Sadly Snowy is no longer with us but he had the most beautiful snowy feathers

I'm not big in to feather fashion but I love accessories and anything boldy & brightly coloured or sparkly

And when I was thinking about a song the first thing that popped in to my head was Shake Your Tail Feather. I love the Blues Brothers movie and this is one of my favourite songs from it. I danced to this too, back in my dancing days in primary school, was lots of fun!

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Thea said…
Awww, I love your snap. Such a pretty bird, so sorry he's no longer with you.

Lovely set! All those colours...gorgeous!

And why didn't I think of that song??!!! I love that song. It's the best song to dance to.

Thanks so much for linking. :)
Beautiful Day said…
I didn't think of that song either! Love your set, especially the model's cool hairstyle and the feathers in her hair. So glad you're playing along with us! :)
Kel said…
You're going to have me singing that song all bloody night ;-)
Love the yellow by the way!
Nice to see The Blues Brothers ... and sorry to hear about your bird.

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