I Gots me an iPad!

So I got an iPad for my birthday!

And I absolutely LOVE it! I have hardly used the laptop since I got it. It's so much easier to jump on Facebook or read blogs from the iPad rather than having to fire up the lappy, and it means I can do those things much easier while feeding Mia during the day and before bed.

Plus I can play games on it too, especially on the drive over to Mum's place (about 40 mins).

Dave won't admit it but I think he likes it too. Who wouldn't! I've already introduced him to a game that he has become obsessed with and ended up downloading to his HTC phone, A Monster Ate My Condo. The most ridiculous, hectic game I have ever played. But fun!

Turns out being 30 ain't so bad.....well, if the technology, food and cocktails are anything to go by!

So, any suggestions of cool apps I should get?

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Jackie K said…
Hi - visiting via Dr Bron.
I like my iPad too and often think I wish I had had my iPhone and iPad when my girls were babies. They are miracles!
My favourite apps are the reading aggregators like Flipboard and Zite; the essential Twitter and Facebook, and Kindle for ebooks. I also use IMDB, Village Cinemas (to book movie tickets), AusPostcode, and a Flashlight app.
Some great ones too (though they are big) are Nasa, Pocket Universe, Planets and Night Sky.
Games: I'm addicted to Fairway, Cat Physics, Temple Run and Jungle Crash. My kids love Toontastic, and Angelina Ballerina and Hello Kitty games. A lot of the kids' games are annoying though because they are free but constantly prompt you to buy things you can't do in the free version.
Have fun!
Mama Stylista said…
Hi Mrs P, I love IPads! My husband has one for work and I nick it off him all the time. I haven't used any apps on it yet but it's lots of fun regardless. I hope you're still enjoying it!
Krystle said…
Woohoo!! Happy Birthday! I'm going to download that game to my phone later. Can't think of any app recommendations. I like dream heights, but am not sure if it's available for apple... and Angry Birds.
Sharron said…
Hi, visiting from Dr Bron. That is a fine birthday present, I am just contemplating buying my first iphone.
Redcliffe Style said…
I love my iPad too. It changed my life. I just got an Macbook Pro. I love that too. Rachel xx
Oh, I love my iPad :) I am so downloading that game! Try 'Where's my Water' and Pepperplate is great for meal planning :)
Thea said…
I don't have one....wahhhh!

Sounds great. I live on my laptop.

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