4 Months Old

*Smiles a LOT

*Laughing & giggling

*Rolling from her back to her tummy

*Fake coughing

*Getting much better at directing objects into her mouth!

*Sleep is a bit up and down, some nights she sleeps well and only wakes once for a feed, other nights she might wake 2 or 3 times

*Was such a brave girl when getting her 4-month needles, didn't cry for the first one and only cried for a second with the 2nd needle before giving the lady big smiles....my brave bubbles!

*Hasn't quite learnt the art of having a sleep when we visit Grandma's house for our weekly family night dinner, but with all that noise and commotion I don't think I could either. A few visits have ended in total melt-downs but hoping that will get better as she gets older.

*Day sleeps are good though, she has about 2-3 naps during the day, depending on how long she has napped for, most naps are between 1.5-3 hours long

*Isn't quite sure what to think of baths. She's mostly had showers with Dave and on the days she doesn't have a shower I give her a sponge bath as the hot tap on the bath won't work (have been on Dave's back for weeks and weeks to fix it, pretty close to just asking my step-dad if he can come up and have a look)

*Gets to meet Aunty N for the first time next Thursday (and go to the airport for the first time) when her Aunty arrives back from Canada after a year over there. Pretty sure there's going to be quite a few tears!

*Attended a birthday party for the first time when my friend's daughter turned 1

*Favourite books are Messy Mia (about a messy magpie named Mia who mislays her marble) and Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

*Tasted a strawberry for the first time on Monday and absolutely loved it. No surprises there though, I love strawberries too!

*Changes just a little bit more every day and if it's possible makes me fall in love with her even more!


Amy xxoo said…
Look.At.Those.Eyes.... just gorgeous!

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