Stroller Shenanigans

A few weekends ago I went wedding dress shopping for my sister K with my Mum and the girls.
The stroller

We went over to Wetherill Park so we could look in a few different shops in the one place without heaps of driving. We parked at one shop and then after looking in there I grabbed the stroller from the car, popped Punky in it and off we walked to have a look in the other shops.

Eventually K found the perfect dress. She looked so beautiful, I can't wait to see her on the big day all dolled up in December.

So anyway, after we'd finished dress shopping we decided to head over to Liverpool to have lunch at Rashays. I popped Punky in the car and then followed my sister over to the cafe. Once we arrived at the cafe I went to the boot to grab the stroller and that's when my heart sank.

The stroller wasn't there.

I'd left it on the road behind the car after putting Punky in and driven off. I was mortified! I could not believe I had done that! In my defense, I hadn't had a huge amount of sleep, but still, it was a pretty embarrassing thing to do! Dave and my good friend K think it's hilarious!

Thankfully my sister jumped straight on the phone and called the wedding dress shop I'd been parked out the front of and they had it. They'd seen it sitting out on the road and taken it in out of the rain. So aside from the bruise to my ego there was no real harm done.

Two weeks later however is another story!

Dave and I were leaving Bunnings when Dave put the brake on the stroller to get Punky out. He said to me after we'd gotten in the car "Is the brake supposed to go all the way to the ground like that?". I wasn't quite sure what he meant so he said he would show me when we got to Coles.

We get to Coles, I get the pram out and sure enough, no, the brake is not supposed to go all the way to the ground. And not only is it not supposed to go all the way to the ground, but in the process of going all the way to the ground the wheel has snapped clean off!

So we didn't get to do the sopping that day.

The annoying thing is, we would have been better off if I hadn't got the stroller back the day I left it on the road, as I have looked everywhere and I can't find the receipt for it! I'm sure if I could find the receipt we'd be able to get it replaced, as I'm pretty sure the wheel isn't supposed to snap off after only 8 weeks of use, but I can't find the damn thing. I have receipts for every other baby-related product we have bought, stuck on the noticeboard, but due to the fact that the stroller was delivered 2 days before Mia was born, I think my stupid pregnant-brain has put it somewhere I'll never find it! Either that or I threw it out!

So in the end I wouldn't have felt as bad spending the money to replace the stroller if I'd just plain lost it, but because it could potentially be replaced for free, the thought of spending money to replace it really hurts!

Needless to say, I've been taking extra care when going out with the big pram, there is no way I want to lose that or break it!


melissa said…
Did you buy from a baby shop? They often record your purchases for loyalty points etc? If so - you might have a chance...

Otherwise if you bought on credit card - you might have a chance using that for proof. Good luck!
Housewife in the Heels said…
The important thing was you remembered Mia :) I left the nappy bag by the side of the road once.

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