3 Months Old

Yesterday my baby girl was officially 3 months old (or 13 weeks 1 day to be accurate).

I can't believe how fast time has flown. It's almost March!

I have survived the first 3 months of motherhood with my sanity largely intact and I'm pretty damn proud of that.

I'll admit it's been so much harder than I ever could have expected, but also more amazing than I could have anticipated as well.

This week we've had a few ups and downs in regards to sleeping, Punky's routine has been totally messed up and I think it's had a bit to do with all the excitement on the weekend and the fact that we've had a few too many 'breaches' with her nappies.

I am now on a mission to find the ultimate night nappy. With Punky sleeping longer periods at night now I need a nappy that isn't going to have her waking up soaking wet at 4am in the morning (like we had Tuesday morning!) or crying at 6am because she's had some side poo leakage!

During the day we use Aldi nappies, after switching from Babylove as I found they tended to contain her fairly regular poo explosions. There just seems to be more surface area. But they just weren't coping with all the extra deposits at night.

So last night we tried Huggies Crawlers for girls and they did a very god job! No leakage! I'll continue to use these during the night till the pack runs out and see how they go. If we don't have any probs then I will stick with those, otherwise we'll be trying yet another brand.

Has anyone else had these leakage issues during the night? Is there a particular brand of nappy that's been good for you? I really don't need anymore repeats of Tuesday morning (she wouldn't go back to sleep for hours and was then a very sooky baby all day!). I love my sleep too much and now that I have finally started to get it back I'd like to keep it that way!

My daughter the model!
My cousins sent me this fantastic towel a few weeks ago and after seeing how close Punky is to not fitting on the
lounge anymore, where I have been taking her monthly pics, I am also going to start using this
 as a background for the pics. I'll still use the lounge, but I love the colour of this towel and the fact it has her name on it.


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