One Month Old - Punky

My beautiful little munchkin was a month old last week.
Punky - One Month Old - 23.12.11

I can't believe how fast time has flown by since she was born. I said to my girlfriend it's so unfair how it feels like your pregnant for so long, but then the baby is born and time just goes at warp speed!

Things have been going very well, although I have discovered that Punky really doesn't like to sleep!

I've managed to bring her witching hour forward from midnight to 4am to much earlier, and some nights we can be in bed by 11pm/midnight, and once she is in bed she sleeps really well, only waking two or three times for a feed, and she barely even wakes for the feed and goes straight back to sleep.

But trying to get her to sleep during the day has been a challenge, especially if we have gone to Mum's or somewhere else. I think when we are out it's a bit to do with being in a different place and there being so much to see and take in. Her eyes can be practically slits, but she will resist going to sleep.

At home it's a little easier, but I've found that if I don't get her down before she gets really tired it becomes so much harder to get her to settle and off to sleep, so the first two weeks of the New Year I am making it my mission to stay at home as much as possible and work on the sleeping and helping her learn to start putting herself to sleep too.
Daddy & Punky on Christmas Day

I've been following the Tresillian recommendations on getting bubs to sleep, and a friend has given me a Wrap Me Up sleep suit, and so far it all seems to be working but I've only been doing it a couple of days. I'm hoping with a bit of consistency and a couple of weeks with not much to do we'll get some good habits happening.

I can't believe how much Punky has grown and changed in 5 weeks. She's so different to the little girl I bought home. So much more aware, she makes eye contact for longer and follows you around, she's started to make the cutest little noises, and best of all, we've started getting the most gorgeous smiles from her!

She's also starting to work out that her hands are attached to her and she has control over them and she has managed to get her fist into her mouth to suck on it quite a few times now (which I am not complaining about as she refuses to take a dummy, so sometimes that fist in the mouth is a very good thing! Lol)

The child and family health nurse came and did our home visit last week and Punky had put on 1.5kgs in 4 weeks, so we know there is nothing wrong with my milk! She's is a little piggy I must say! Thankfully we really seem to have gotten the hang of breastfeeding and it's going really well. We are also slowly getting longer intervals between feeds, sometimes we can even go 4 hours!
Punky maxed out on Grandma's bed on Boxing Day, in the gorgeous dress my good friend C made for her

All in all, I'm feeling a little more confident and less worried about doing things wrong and it feels good. Every day is a little bit easier and Punky grows and changes a little bit more and it's such a joy!

Looking forward to starting the new year with my little munchkin and seeing her grow and change.

Happy New Year everyone!


Amy xxoo said…
Congrats on surviving the first month Mama!
And i can recommend the Tresillian tips - Flynn and i went for a four day stay at their Nepean clinic when he was 9 months old because his sleeping was so bad ( still waking 5-6 times a night, or staying awake for hours at a time crying....) and he's been a champion sleeper ever since!
E. said…
As usual, gorgeous potos. Lov the Christmas themed ones. Wht great memories to show Mia when she is bigger.

Good luck with the sleeping.

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