34 Weeks, 3 Days and Counting!

I really can't believe how fast time seems to be flying now!

It feels like only yesterday I was sitting at my girlfriend's kitchen bench letting her in on my news, and now, here I am, just over 34 weeks pregnant with not too many more weeks to go! Scary!

Last weekend my Mum and sisters came over and painted the baby's room for us while Dave and I went to an antenatal class at Baulkham Hills called Yoga for Active Birth. There wasn't actually much yoga involved at all but the class was really good and I highly reccommend going to one of Tara's classes if you're in the area. She's a natural birth advocate, Yoga instructor and Doula and she's just lovely!

So, the baby's room is painted and we have moved the furniture in. Just need to hang a few pictures, paint the small chest of drawers and find a nice lamp and it's pretty much done.

Oh, and buy and put up these really cool animal alphabet stickers, that I want to put along the top of one wall.

So, what do you think?

The Cot

The super cute sheet set that my Mum bought me. I still have to wash them and the baby will be in a bassinet in our room for the first couple of months anyway, but I just had to see how they looked on the cot. It's all so exciting!

This is the chest of drawers/change table (still need to get a changing pad) and the small chest of drawers beside it are going to be painted white with yellow drawers (the same yellow as the trim you can see in the picture). This chest of drawers was the only thing my Grandmother let my Mum take when she first moved out of home at 16. She has re-painted the drawers to match the colour of all us kids bedrooms...there's some history in those drawers, that's for sure!

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Amy xxoo said…
I love the wall colour and i'm a fan of white furniture for a baby. I also love the " hand-me-down " drawers - Flynn has been a in a proper bed now for 2 months and it just so happens that his single bed used to be mine. I love a bit of history!
Christie said…
So exciting for you! This brings it all back for me when I was expecting my first. You are looking very organised.
Talia said…
So orgnaised Kylie! Love the colour you've chosen. :-)
I like your style... you baby so lucky to have you...

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