Growing a Beard and Other Things the Books Don't Tell You

There are a lot of things to learn about being pregnant. And a lot of things people don't tell you before you are pregnant. It's probably because it's different for everyone, so they try to be as general and broad as possible. And also because if you knew some of this stuff you might think twice before throwing out the birth control!
Hoping it doesn't come to this!

Nobody told me I would grow some lovely dark hair on the side of my face. If it extends any further down my jawline I'm gonna have to start shaving. However I think I'll just wait and see what happens after I have the baby, crossing my fingers it will just fall out once my hormones go back to normal.

Nobody told me I would become aware of every muscle in my stomach and abdomen, and that rolling over in bed would become a three-part manouvre, and that's before your belly even starts to get big!

I always thought the whole 'baby-brain' thing was a little over exaggerated, but OMG, it is not. I don't know what women did before smart phones with kick-ass calendars and reminder functions. If I loose my BlackBerry I don't know what I'll do coz I can't remember what I have to do tomorrow, let alone in a week or a month's time!

I found the milk in the cupboard the other day. Don't know why I put it in there, it looks nothing like the fridge, but there you go.

And I'm pretty sure this baby has stolen my words!

I almost set the kitchen on fire the other night after cooking dinner. I forgot to turn the hotplate off. Something I've never done before. Thank God I married an RFS veteran. Shame he was at work at the time! You would think I would have smelled the smoke sooner, what with my super-smell sense and all, but apparently the episode of McLeod's Daughters I was watching at the time must have been very absorbing.

Dave calls McLeod's Daughters Horse Neighbours. He's not a fan for some reason.

I must say that I am really starting to enjoy being pregnant, it was a bit rough to start with, especially with all the overwhelming emotions and fear factor of the unknown, but at 19 weeks I feel like I'm finally starting to relax a bit, especially after the ultrasound yesterday and seeing that everything is a-ok with bubs and he/she is growing exactly the way he/she should.

I am a little scared of the future though. If the stubbornness of this child yesterday, not wanting to roll over so the technician could finishing checking the heart, is any indication, we're gonna be in for a fun ride! Lol!

I've developed a bit of an addiction to chocolate milk, I just can't seem to get enough of it, and food just tastes sooooo good right now. I can't go to bed without a glass of chocolate milk, even if it means getting up 3 or 4 times throughout the night to pee! And a square of chocolate has become a requirement after dinner. The meal is not complete if I don't get that square of chocolate.

I also find myself with a weird compulsion to put my hands on my belly. I don't even realise I'm doing it most of the time, it's such a subconcious thing. There isn't even that much of a belly yet, but still, I catch myself rubbing it.

People just love to comment on how not pregnant I look too. I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or insulted. I know it's not a big belly, but it definitely wasn't this big 20 weeks ago!

I'm looking forward to everything the next 20 weeks will bring and feeling as though it's going to be a lifetime. But in much the same way that I can't believe how fast the last 20 weeks has gone, I'm sure I'll be wondering soon enough where the last 9 months went when I go in to labour and realise the baby's furniture is still flat-packed and I haven't got a hospital bag packed!

P.S. Please excuse any spelling mistakes. Blogger spell checker isn't working. I think the baby stole their words too!
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Amy xxoo said…
I remember all that stuff - finding all these new crazy things happening and wondering why no-one had bothered to tell me about them!
One thing that i will tell you though - the whole " nesting " thing IS NOT A MYTH. I was sure that it was a load of crud, and no way would i ever go into super neat freak mode but did around the 3rd trimester... weird!
Mia said…
I don't remember either of my sisters growing beards but everybody's different. Try to get one of those goatees. They seem to be popular amongst the younger crowd.

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