Update - 30 by 30

So I've just been having a look through my 30 by 30 list that I wrote in June 2009 and I've come to realise I am definitely not going to be able to tick off everything on my list! I turn 30 in just over a year, and due to the little wriggler that will be coming into our lives in November, not many more will get crossed off I don't think!

Here's the list as it stood 19.01.10 (I'll make today's updates in green)

1. Buy & Learn how to use a sewing machine (I am trying to convince Dave to get me one for this birthday!)
2. Fix our home loan (this I want to do in the next few weeks) (We refinanced and it has made a huge difference to being able to pay off our credit card)
3. Get a new kitchen (this probably won't happen now until after bub and I've gone back to work)
4. Get a new bathroom (hoping to get this organised in the next month or two. We have a three-way bathroom and we are probably just going to get the shower/bath area completely re-done)
5. Get the roof insulated
6. Landscape the backyard and turn it into a proper outdoor entertaining area
7. Make myself a skirt and wear it out!
8. Knit a pair of socks
9. Finish my knitted patchwork blanket
10. Climb the Harbour Bridge (yeah, can't see this happening now)
11. Go to the Northern Territory (I'm working on this, though Dave doesn't seem to understand the concept of a babymoon!)
12. Get a new car
13. Dye my hair black (I've bought myself a voucher for a full colour, foils, cut & blow-dry which I intend to use towards the end of the year so might do it then)
14. Archive all my photos on a portable hard-drive Update: in the process of scanning in all film photos to archive
15. Go deep-sea fishing
16. Play paint-ball
17. Make $1.5 million in sales in one FY at work
18. Get a new DSLR
19. Get more lenses for my DSLR
20. Read 200 books Update: have currently read over 35 books, so doing well(I've currently read about 115 so I think I can do this, until a baby comes along and derails me!)21. See Coldplay live (There is no way I could camp for days at Splendour so hoping they will do some side-shows in Sydney, not holding my breath though!)
22. Write a short story
23. Pay off the credit card Update: Have now split credit card and doing Very good job paying one of them off (See number 2)24. Swap over and re-arrange the spare bedrooms
25. Un-pack every last box in the house (This is going to happen in the next month or two due to now needing the space to fit a new member of the household in!)
26. Got to Tasmania
27. Go Overseas* (we went to the US and Canada a year ago Friday. Can't believe it was a year ago! I want to go back!)
28. Organise and maintain a proper filing system where filing is done more than once a year at tax time! (this is slowly happening. I've shredded a shit-load of the crap that was in the cupboard, just need to shred a bit more then do final filing organisation)
29. Re-paint the house and fill it with colour (we started this last August and got as far as our bedroom. But it looks damn good. Gonna do a baby room next! Woohoo!)
30. Get pregnant (Yeah baby!)

Update #1 - 29/09/09

*Update #2 - 19/01/10 - You may or may not have noticed, I have actually changed #27 from Go to Fiji to Go Overseas. Due to some developments, overseas is going to be achievable which makes going back to Fiji unachievable.

So as of today's (16.05.11) update I have crossed off 10 items (a third of the list) and have half completed 5 items


Amy xxoo said…
I think you could get both knitting items done - imagine you, lovely pregnant belly, trackies and socks, sitting up on the lounge knitting!
And as far as the reading one goes...you'd be suprised how much reading you can fit in around bub! Because Flynn was a champion eater, and wanted to breastfeed every two hours, i spent a lot of time sitting down with a baby across my lap and a book balanced in my other hand on top of him... gently of course!
Kylie Purtell said…
That's what I'm hoping, I did say to Dave hopefully I won't have trouble feeding and will be able to read at the same time! That would be nice!

And I am definitely gonna try and get some more knitting done in the next few months, perfect time to I reckon!
Unknown said…
Hey its the 16th of april, 11 months since you updated this, ticked anything else off? Also, james and nick have both asked me to knit them some socks, so I'm going to look for an easy pattern online and if its good i shall share it with u!!

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