A Little Wriggler

I had my second OB appointment today and it turns out, just like his/her father, PJ (Purtell Junior) is a wriggler!
{Image} I think this is from
a game. Gotta love
google images!

Dave can't sit still to save his life, and every time the Doc would start to get the sound of the heartbeat PJ would wriggle away and the doctor would go chasing, trying to pick up the heartbeat again. I was pretty happy about that! Doc says that's pretty normal so it was a load off my mind. I don't have to worry so much. Although as I've been told, I need to get used to worrying, I'm gonna be doing it for the rest of my life with kids!

I've got a referral so we can get the 12-week scan next week and I think Dave is looking forward to being able to hear the heartbeat properly and seeing PJ 'on the big screen' so to speak. I think he was a little jealous that he missed out on the last one, not that there was much to see besides an alien-like form on the screen, but she was able to find the heartbeat quite well so fingers crossed PJ will stop wriggling around for long enough next week!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my due date is 24th November, the day after Dave's Nan's birthday, and 10 days before Dave's birthday, so I've warned him, if like many a first baby we go overdue, he could be sharing a birthday.

I'm hoping PJ has a good sense of numbers like myself and arrives on the 20th of the 11th, 2011. That would be a cool birthdate!


Amy xxoo said…
a) I love that your baby has a nickname already ( ours was Stumpy, because at the 12 weeks scan he was like a blob with little stumps coming out for arms and legs );
b)Flynn was a wriggler too ( he even flipped around so much he chucked a brown-eye at the 20 week scan ); and
c) Flynn is my first, and he was 2 weeks EARLY. So...you never know!
Kakka said…
How exciting, so glad that all is still going well. 20.11.2011 - awesome birthdate, time will tell. xxx

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