I've Created A Monster

Not having an iPhone means I'm a little slow to learn about all these 'cool' apps that everyone seems to know about, one in particular being Angry Birds.

If you have a life and you've not heard of Angry Birds, it's a really simple game where you shoot angry birds at green pigs and try to knock down their houses and the pigs in the process. Simple right?

But incredibly addictive.

I heard it being talked about on the radio and I asked my sister, who has an iPhone, what it was and she showed me, effectively getting me hooked in about 5 mins.

I've recently gotten a new phone, a BlackBerry Torch, which has all the features of a BlackBerry that I love, plus a great touch screen and some iPhone like features that I am really enjoying. However I discovered that Angry Birds is not available for BlackBerry's! :(

There is however Angry Farm, which is exactly what it sounds like. A knock-off of Angry Birds, and I love it.

However I made the mistake of introducing my husband to it and now he's addicted to it to. Coz he doesn't have a touch screen phone he's found another knock-off version for his E71 called Cannon Rats and now all I have been hearing for the last hour or so is his exclamations or lamentations at the top of his lungs every time he does or doesn't clear a level. Sooooo annoying. I'm starting to regret ever introducing him to it. He now wants an iPhone too!

Have you played Angry Birds? It's amazing how the simplest of games can be the most addictive.  Like Columns. Man I loved that game on the Sega Mega Drive. Used to have to fight my Mum to play it. Sometimes we'd battle and could play for hours! I spose it's why games like Tetris and Pac-Man were so popular. What's you're favourite 'simple' game?


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