For the Love of all that is Crap...

Apparently Miranda Kerr returning
to the catwalk for DJ's is Big News!
Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, Dave is watching the footy on Channel 9 and there is an ad, yes, an advertisement, for tomorrow nights 6 pm news.

Aside from the fact that they are advertising the news (does it really need to be advertised????) what is it that they are using to promote said news?

An aussie chick auditioning to be one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. A cheerleader audition! OMG!!!! What the hell is going on? How the fuck is that news???

It's even worse than the 'news' I saw 'advertised' the other day, about someone holding the 'plank' exercise (and I mean the thing you do at boot camp, not the stupid 'internet craze' of having your picture taken lying on your stomach) for a record time. Something like that should be talked about on something like the Biggest Loser, not what is supposed to be the 6pm 'news'.

I know I've banged on about  this before and I shouldn't be surprised that 'news' just isn't what it used to be but come on!

In other news, you can see Laura Andrassi's (the old old Mrs. Greg Norman's) new multi-million pad on A Current Affair tomorrow night. Need to know stuff people, make sure you don't miss it!


Bill said…
Speaking of the Biggest Loser, that's just cruelty masquerading as something notionally educational. What they do and advocate is downright dangerous.
Amy xxoo said…
And this is why i dont watch the " news " ... i read it on the net most of the time.
And i disagree with Bill - i love the Biggest Loser!

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