Baby Shopping

I did a bit of shopping with my Mum and sisters yesterday. And no we didn't buy a baby as my step-dad asked! Lol!

We went to the My baby Warehouse at Minchinbury and lucky for us there was a sale on, that ended... you guessed it... yesterday!

We spent almost 2 hours in there having a look at everything, and there was a lot to see! So much to choose from. I ended up putting a cot and chest of drawers that doubles as a change table on layby. See below!

I didn't get the chest of drawers from pram warehouse,
it was just the only place I could find a picture
We also found some really cute Noah's Ark sheet sets and other matching stuff which my Mum and my sister grabbed for me as their gift. It's so cute and is neutral so will work for a boy or a girl. So I think we might keep up the whole animal theme when we re-paint the bedroom and get some cute animal wall stickers and other stuff.

I must admit I'm getting a little excited now about cleaning out that bedroom and getting it all ready for decorating. Dave of course doesn't really care much about the decorating so I can do whatever I want (within reason, have to keep in mind he's gonna be the one doing the painting for me!)

Any suggestions on good places to check out for wall stickers and/or borders are more than welcome.


Amy xxoo said…
How exciting! We got white furniture for Flynns room when we were decorating ( before he came along ) as i think its much nicer for kids than dark furniture, so i'm loving your choices!
As for wall decals, i'd highly recommend:
Theyre based in Arizona ( i think ) but the were great on delivery time and they have some gorgeous designs. I wanted something cute enough for a baby but that wasnt too kitschy, and that he could grow with .... ended up with a series of cartoon puppies which i put on the wall above the cot. Now, at 17 mths, Flynn looks up at them and says " Mummy - woof woof! ". Good luck!
Amy xxoo said…
Oh, PS - i just went and had a little look around the Dezign with a Z store and the set we got for Flynns room is called " Oops Doggy Dog " - dark blue stickers on a bright blue wall....

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