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Blog This: Challenge 68 - share your favourite Valentine’s Day memory. The good, bad, ugly or funny even, or maybe even romantic.. whatever your Valentine’s Day memory, tell us about it.

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I've never really been into Valentine's Day. It's never been a big deal to me and most of the time I don't even realise it's been and gone unless someone says anything. In fact, there is only one year when I have done anything for Valentine's Day. 

Back when Dave and I first started going out, about 3 or 4 months in, February rocked around, and I decided that I wanted to do something for Dave. But not the usual lovey-dovey thing.

So, for the two weeks leading up to V-Day I sent Dave a little package every second day, through the post at work. They were just crappy little things I found around the place, like a toilet roll, a back scratcher, a troll doll, you know, crap!

But I sent it from a secret admirer and he had nooooo idea! I pretended that I wasn't too happy about some girl sending him these things through the post, he apologised, but I knew he was a little bit chuffed that he would have a secret admirer. On the big day, the final little thing arrived in the post, with a little poem and an I Love You card, and as he opened it and read it, I stood there waiting for him to figure it out.

It was pretty funny at the time, seeing how confused he was and trying to figure out who this mysterious girl was that was sending him stuff. But that's the most I've ever done for V-Day.

I do remember one time, I don't think it was V-Day, I got home from work about 8pm, and had some dinner, then hung out in the loungroom, watching some tv. About two hours later, I was standing in the kitchen when Dave came in and said "Oh hey, I almost forgot, I got you flowers!"

I looked at him confused, as he didn't have anything in his hands, and I'm like, okay, where are they? And Dave points to the dining room table, to a bunch of flowers that someone has already put in a vase! I suppose it's the thought that counts, and it was sweet, considering he'd never gotten me flowers before, but I did hint that maybe next time it would be more of a gesture if he gave them to me as soon as I got home, not point to them sitting on a table, hours after I'd gotten home!

Do you do much on Valentine's Day? Do you get into it? I think I'm a little too cynical about the whole thing, I'd rather spend money on flowers any other day of the year, when the prices aren't jacked up to three times the norm!


Cinda said…
It has become very commercial with expensive flowers but I think sweet gestures of love are the best.
Kellyansapansa said…
I completely prefer little symbols throughout the year vs one giant gesture on V Day!
Unknown said…
agree!! I love getting flowers but we don't do valentines day because of the commercial thing and the expense. I would rather get random flowers and gifts when my husband thought of it all by himself, not because the date on the calendar.
Romina Garcia said…
I always tell my husband that I don't want anything, that it's all very commercial etc etc.
...and then when he doesn't buy me anything I get cranky with him.
Poor bugger can't win!
Mia said…
I don't care about it. Anybody who loves me should show it more than once a year.

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