New Year, New Layout

So I got myself a lovely new layout. I managed to find some good resources on the net to help me widen the template myself and it's exactly what I wanted. I am verrry happy with it. Please let me know if it looks ok on your browser, I've only looked at it on Chrome and Explorer.

I used Picnik collage to create the header image, took me a few hours to pick the right photo combination but I eventually got something I like. I hope you like it!

Header design draft 1

Header design draft 2
I hope you all had a lovely New Year, I had a quiet one with Dave, after going to a funeral in the morning (sudden death of a good friend's Mum, very very sad), it felt nice to just stay home and watch the fireworks with a few drinks.

Did you guys get up to anything exciting?

P.S. I'm blogging over at Blog This today if you want to check it out!


Oooh, very nice indeed - loving your new look for the new year!
Thank you! It's exactly what I wanted, nice and clean and simple, and wide enough to put decent size photos in my posts.
carly said…
i love the new look kylie!

im on ff {on mac} and looks fine ;)

love everything about it and is very you!

i did over we heart life yesterday and everyone wants this a little while ago. i love when you get a design and it fits!

hope you had a fantastic new years and thank you very very very much for the mention on blog this today!

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