Bored, Meet Hungry. Oh wait, there's nothing to eat! What's for Dinner?

What Dave does when he gets bored
I just know that I am destined to have a daughter who is just like me because I gave my Mum so much grief as a teenager, and karma is a bitch!

It's already starting to come back to haunt me and I am not looking forward to what it will be like when I have kids.

My three most hated phrases in this world are "I'm bored", "There's nothing to eat" and "What's for dinner?".

I hear them at least once a day from Dave. Some days, I feel like, if I hear the words 'I'm' 'bored' in a sentence one more time I will rip my own arm off just to give him something to do. Coz I'm sure I couldn't drive myself to the hospital one-armed.

Now I understand why my Mum hated those words so much, and why she detested being asked "What's for dinner?". The weirdest thing is, I don't even cook dinner, Dave does, but he still asks me that at least 3 times in half an hour of me getting home from work most afternoons.
Also what he does when he gets bored...eats!
And if there is nothing to eat I hear "There's nothing to eat"

Like I said, I'm dreading when we have kids. Not only will it be Dave saying "I'm bored" or "I'm hungry", or "There's nothing to eat!", but it will be the kids too!

It's so bad, that the other day, the day after Boxing Day, before he'd even gotten out of bed for the morning, Dave said to me " I'm bored". Argh!*

What questions or phrases drive you mad?

*There's only so much boredom sex a girl can have...he may not have anything to do but I've got plenty I could be doing! Lol!


Neo said…
I'm bored, there's nothing to eat... did I mention I'm hungry?

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