Oprah in Australia. Care Factor?

A big fat ZERO!

So Oprah is in Australia. And I think I may just be the only woman over 18 who doesn't really care.
The second coming?

Yes, I've watched Oprah. Yes, I think she seems like she would be a really nice person to meet IRL.

But I don't think she's the Queen of the World, which, by the media coverage we've seen, you'd almost be mistaken for thinking!

The cynic in me has huge respect for the marketing genius that is Oprah, and can't believe how many people follow her blindly.

She has got some great, positive messages, and she has achieved a heck of a lot in her life, and deserves to serve as some kind of inspiration for people, but when you hear the way some people go on about her, you'd think she was the Messiah! Lol!

Am I the only one that thinks it's nice that she's here, but not deserved of the mass hysteria we've seen from some? And the endless news coverage?

Or should I just pull my head in and join the masses?


Nicki said…
I am with you 100% care factor is a big fat 0
MultipleMum said…
I don't know. I am not really a fan but I did get excited when my friend posted a pic of her on FB this evening, randomly captured on her iPhone. I could do without the hype (that's for sure) but it has got to be great for tourism? (although our dollar is so high at the moment that the Yanks won't be coming!)
Bill said…
I can't say I don't care, because I'm embarrassed by it all - embarrassed by the hype, embarrassed by the idea that this is supposed to be special, and embarrassed that we are paying her to come.

But do you know what's really sad? SOmeone pointed out on Twitter that this trip is costing us $3million while "Where the bloody hell are you?" cost $40million, so this is likely to be a better return on investment. I'm embarrassed by that too.
Mia said…
Not only don't I care but I didn;t know anything about it and I've never watched her programme.

But she's come a long way since the Color Purple.
Mia said…
But that "where the bloody hell are you" girl looks a lot better in a bikini.

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