Mmmmm, Tasty!

It's no secret that my husband and I hate vegetables. And we can both be fussy eaters (apart from the veggie thing!), me more so than Dave.
Even though she wasn't born when I wrote this post, and she doesn't actually seem to mind her veggies, I thought this face described perfectly how I feel when confronted with veggies

Dave is forever coming up with ways to incorporate veggies into our food in a way that makes them taste ok or hides the taste of them all together. Sadly, I don't think there is any way to completely cover the taste of certain veggies, but we both know that we need to eat them.

But I was thinking (and wishing!), wouldn't it be cool if all foods tasted the same, and you thought it was the best taste in the world. So you could eat 'good' foods or 'bad' foods and they would all taste the same. But then I spose there would be no need for any bad foods anyway, we'd probably all just walk around eating  leaves! Lol.

And I was thinking, that it would be cool, that every food you ate tasted the same and it would only taste that way to you, everyone would have a different 'taste' and it would be unique to them (as much as possible). Man it would make life so much easier! You'd never have to decide what to make for dinner or really do much cooking or anything. You could eat whatever was available and it would always taste good! And it would be healthy and no-one would have to worry about their weight coz everyone would eat the same good foods.

Ahhh, that would be the life! What do you wish for?


Amy xxoo said…
I gotta say Kylie - that would be so boring! If everything tasted the same my poor little tastebuds would get so bored - i love different flavours and textures and sensations...
Now, however, if everything had the same kilojoule count ( a nice low one ) which meant i could enjoy that burger every now and then, instead of eating it and feeling bad about it....that would be great!
That's why, in my fantasy world, we would never know that we like other things, coz they had always been the same. SO hopefully we wouldn't get bored.

And because I am queen of food fantasy world, I would definitely make sure that no foods had any kilojules except those absolutely essential to your body! How good would be that be!

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