Ahhh, Christmas

I don't know about you, but for me, it really didn't feel like Christmas this year. And now it's been and gone already!

Did you have a good one? Any amazing meals or pressies you want to share?

I got a couple of crackers, a little black Netherland Dwarf bunny from Dave, and a new JVC HD Video Camera from my Mum. So stoked with both of them

I got Thumper, my bunny, a week before Christmas, and I am absolutely in love with him. He is just so cute! He is so smart and curious and is putting in a great deal of effort to chew apart his home (a swanky two-storey hutch with run) and rip apart his toys. He hops to the door of the cage when I come over and will happily eat pieces of apple and grass straight from my hand. I've picked him up a couple of times but I'm trying to work my way up to more holding by getting him confident with me and giving him lots of pats and treats. Going to toilet train him too, so that once we've moved him outside (he's inside till I can take him to get his vaccinations) I can bring him inside for a few hours to play and cuddle when I get home in the afternoons.

Dave had no idea that the name Thumper was from Bambi. He only realised on Christmas Day, when his Mum gave me a little kids book about Thumper as a joke gift. He thought it was a cool tough name! Lol!

So glad my Mum got us a new video camera. She got us one for Christmas 2007, but unfortunately it broke at our wedding in August 2008 and I just haven't had the money to replace it, so it was a nice surprise to get a new one from Mum. 

Christmas morning we went up to the In-Laws for present opening and then headed over to my Aunty's at Bankstown  for lunch. Spent the evening at home watching the first season of McLeod's Daughters while Dave snoozed and played his new Rugby League game (he keeps bugging me to have a game with him, not gonna happen!).

Boxing Day was a pretty easy affair, lunch at my Nan's watching all the little kids run around hyped up on the excitement of Christmas (and possibly sugar too!).

After all the festivities it's been nice to spend today at home with Dave. He's cooking a BBQ right now (it smells so good, my tummy is rumbling!) and he has to work the rest of the week, but it's been nice relaxing together today.

I hope whatever you did over the weekend was lots of fun, and you got to spend some quality time with your families and loved ones.

Now for New Year's!


Kellyansapansa said…
Aww, your bunny is so adorable and I love that he has his own townhouse!
E. said…
It sounds like a great Christmas.

We just bought a two storey house for our rabbit yesterday and he will be getting a friend from the RSPCA to share with in a few weeks.

Thumper is very cute!

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