Polka Dots, Photographs and Unexpected Penis

A couple of weeks ago I went to my friend Amber's Hens Day. She's not getting married until the end of February, but seeing as one of her bridesmaids is due to give birth the day of her wedding, Amber wanted to make sure that she could at least make the Hens Day.

The theme was a touch of 50's, and I have to say, Amber looked gorgeous!
Amber is in the red polka dot dress
She even had matching bra!
The girls started off the day barefoot bowling in Paddington, and then headed over to the Rocks for a Treasure Hunt. That's where my girlfriend K and I joined in the fun.

One of the challenges...take a photo of a mock girl fight
in the street...looks more like a love-in!
Kym & Erin gave it a good go though, don't ya think!
 We had to go all around the rocks to different pubs, completing challenges and taking photos of different things. It was a really fun afternoon and we got to see some of the sights of Sydney while we were at it. Not to mention the cocktails we consumed at each pub too!

This guy worked at the hotel and he was
more than happy to pose for our
mock proposal shot...it wasn't his first of the day!
The day was pretty tame, there weren't too many shenanigans, and all of the people we spoke to as part of the challenges were really nice.

We were supposed to get a picture with a construction worker...
but we couldn't find one...so we improvised, and got a bonus point for creativity!
On the way back to meet everyone we were walking down the Argyle Street I think it was. And as we passed a cut-out in the wall that had stairs leading to the street above, we came across some naked boys!

You should have seen the front view!
Needless to say it was a bit of a shock to walk along and suddenly be confronted by bums and dicks, but it was funny nonetheless. Ever ready with my trusty camera I managed to snap a few shots as walked past (thank god for continuous shooting hey!).

After the treasure hunt we had dinner at the Australian Hotel and then headed to Retro, via Circular Quay for some ice cream!

We didn't stay long at Retro, just long enough to knock back a few shots and drinks and have a bit of a dance.
The fabulously 50s Bride-to-Be and I
(I wasn't very 50-ish, but I had a pretty blue satin dress, not that you can really see it here!)

I have to say it was one of the best Hens days I've been too, and I've been on a few now. If you haven't done a treasure hunt around the Rocks I highly recommend it. I don't know who organises them, but if you really want to know I can ask my friend for the name.

What's the best or worst Hen's day you've ever been too?


MultipleMum said…
What a fantastic idea for a Hen's party! I love a treasure hunt and reckon one with friends and a few bevvies would be tops. Nice (?!?) bonus with the bare buns?

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