Holiday Snap

Blog This: Challenge 62 - Holidays! This week's challenge is to share you favourite holiday photo with everyone! It doesn't matter how old it is, or how old you were, share it with us and tell us the story behind it!

L-R: Cousin J, Sister A, Me, Cousin A and Cousin S

When I was little my Grandma and Grandpa owned a caravan down at Windang, near Wollongong NSW.

Most school holidays my cousins and I would head down there and have the best time, riding our bikes around the caravan park, swimming in the pool and Lake Illawarra, painting plaster casts at the Plaster Fun House and going to the beach. They are some of my best memories from childhood.

This photo was taken at the beach in Windang and there are quite a few more with us posing in different ways. My Grandpa liked to take photographs and us kids, being natural hams, loved to play it up for him.


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