Monday Night Musing...On Tuesday!

I've been a bad blogger lately. I just haven't had the same motivation to get on here and post two or three times a day like I used to. 
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Part of it is that I've been quite busy at work and I spend almost all day every day on the computer, and it can't be good for my eyes to then come home and spend 4 or more hours on the laptop! It's also coincided with a nasty case of mojo loss.

I've also been struggling with losing weight, and I've been trying to make a concerted effort to walk on the treadmill every day. I haven't managed every day yet, my best streak has been 4 days in a row, and Dave and I had a long weekend this weekend and so it just didn't happen, but I'm determined to keep at it and not get down on myself when I don't walk, because that in turn makes me even less motivated to walk the next day, for some reason.

I won't lie about the fact that I hate exercising. I am lazy by nature and have never been a very sporty chick, unless you count dancing, which I haven't done in years. I really struggle to keep the motivation going, two weeks is usually when I start to peter out, but I know I have to push myself and I just have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing it.

Why am I doing it? Well, partly to be healthy. The weight I am at for my height is not the healthiest, and while all my vitamin and mineral levels and everything are good, I am certainly not the fittest, and that's what I want to be. Fitter. So I can chase after a toddler. When I have one.

And that brings me to the other reason. Losing weight will also increase our chances of having a baby, and that is one thing I want more than anything else in the world, and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't give any potential child the best start at life I can. Which means losing weight and getting fitter. It's the main reason why I'm trying to keep at it, I will admit. I am majorly Clucky. And that is Clucky with a capital C. 
How cute is this hey?!?! I so want this when I have a kid!
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It wasn't this bad a year ago, and since we have been back from the US it's the worst it's ever been. It seems like every second person is pregnant or just had a baby! It's all I think about it and I have to make myself stop obsessing over it for fear I'm gonna jinx any chance we may have!

I always wanted kids but this is bad. I'm sure Dave is sick of me talking about it, but I just can't help myself. It took less than 2 years for Dave's work mates predictions to come true...give her two years and it'll be all you hear about till it happens! I'm not kidding either, that is actually what one of the blokes at his work said to him just after we got married!

But anyway, I've decided to stop beating myself up about not meeting my perfectionist standards when it comes to how often I blog. It's a terrible thing to be a perfectionist in some areas of your life and not others. I don't give a shit if my house looks like a bomb hit it and nothing is in it's place, but sit me down to write or create something and I will obsess over it for hours and days and weeks until it's just right, and that's how I can get with blogging. I don't want to post anything until it's just right (in my eyes) and so it takes me forever to be satisfied and half the time I just give up coz "something is just not right" (that's what I say at work when I'm creating my flyers and other marketing material, I'm sure I drive everyone nuts with my need to have these things just right!) It's gotta be right I tell ya!

So hows things with you? It's feels like ages since I've blogged. I try to read through all my blogs every week but there are just so many I'm sure I miss them. that number on my google reader just never seems to go down! And I wish they would make it so you could comment directly onto the blog post without having to leave your reader. If that can be done, please tell me how. 

But anyway, what I was saying? Oh yeah, how's things with you?

P.S. Quick important is it really to give up caffeine during pregnancy? Is a little bit ok, one a day? Everyone has a different opinion. And Caffeine is my friend and it's hard to break up!
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Talia said…
Um, Did I write this blog post???! Cause it sure sounds like EXACTLY what is happening to me right now!!

We're three years in (in a couple of weeks), and I am basically desperate for a bub! The good news is, we're going to Europe in two weeks and will start trying after that! Woo Hoo!

Hope Dave comes round soon, and you get to live your dream of being a mama!!
I know, it's weird how it just sneaks up on ya, and then bam! It's all you can think about!

Europe sounds fantastic! We did the States in May/June and it was awesome, but I would love to do Europe. Don't think it will happen until after we've had kids now though. Something to look forward to I spose! Lol! Have a great time!

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