Monday Night Musing - The Veggie Patch

On Saturday Dave and I went up to Bunnings and finally got the fixing's to make our veggie garden.

We just want something small, to make grow the veggies we mostly eat, and some extras for the guinea's.

I'd seen these garden beds in Bunnings before and mentioned to Dave we should get one of the small ones, so we grabbed one of those.

Then we had to figure out how much soil to get to fill it. Dave thought 6 but I wasn't sure we would need that much, so we only grabbed 4. We needed 6! So we went back this arvo to grab the rest.

Then we had to decide what veggies to plant. We went with carrots, snow peas, capsicum (2 kinds), and some corn. We have a couple of other pots that I am going to plant the carrots and corn in, to give the peas and capsicum plenty of room.

We are both pretty lame gardeners, the only thing we have managed to keep alive in 3 years of living here is some Garlic Chives. But man are those things good for omelette's!

So, do you have any handy tips for a beginner veggie gardener?


Amy xxoo said…
Sure do! We have a veggie garden at our place - my DP re-planted a few weeks ago and we'll have beans, snow peas, carrots, corn, capsicum, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few herbs.
My big tip is to make sure you water everyday and with the capsicums - the red variety will grow green first, and then take a week or two to turn red. Ooh, and harvest your snow peas as soon as you notice they've come out 'cos they go hard in the sun pretty quick!
Awesome tips, thanx Amy! Esp the snow peas, I bet they don't tell you that in the books!

We planted most of it today and we need one more bag of soil to plant the stuff we couldn't fit in the raised bed and long pot, so hopefully it will all go well and we'll keep these babies alive long enough to see some veggies!
Talia said…
I like to start with herbs cause they're really easy and you can eat them easily!!

Marigolds are great for keeping bugs away!

A mix of chilli and garlic in water is a good natural bug spray too!

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