Ikea Crazy!

Last Tuesday was my girlfriend's birthday. We didn't catch up on the day as her hubby took her to Mudgee with him for 'work' and took her to all the wineries and a lovely lunch. Whatta Man huh?!?!

So because of this lovely birthday excursion we arranged to have dinner at her place on the Friday nite, all chucking in for a bunch of Chinese dishes so K wouldn't actually have to cook for her own birthday!

In the weeks leading up to her birthday I was racking my brains about what to get her. It's not that she is a hard person to buy, it's more that she has very specific tastes and I don't want to get something that isn't going to co-ordinate with what she's got going on (they just moved in to their newly built house so it's all about house stuff at the moment for her).

I wanted to get her an Ikea gift voucher as she LOVES Ikea, I think 99% of the furniture in their new house is from Ikea, but I couldn't see any mention on their website of them and I didn't have time to drive over to Homebush to visit the store in person.

So, instead of just giving her money in a card, I decided I would make her an Ikea Gift Voucher. And here it is -

It's not a very clear photo, but it gives you an idea. I bought a cheap frame from the dollar shop, got a $100 note from the bank and made an Ikea Emergency Case. For those interested, the text at the bottom reads -

An IKEA Emergency is defined as a state of acute buyer compulsion, leading to the inevitable trip to IKEA. Symptoms include and are not limited to, leaving with arms full of stuff you don't need.
This $100 note should help in the relief of pain to the hip pocket. Can be used in conjunction with other monetary remedies. If pain persists you should see your financial advisor and cut up your credit card.

She loved it, thankfully, and it was def better than just popping the money in a card.

Amazingly, a couple of days after this I heard about the new IKEA Family club and texted K to let her know. Needless to say, she was super excited and signed up straight away!

If you haven't heard about the IKEA club you can go here for more information, or if you'd like the chance to win an IKEA cookbook you can pop over to Liss's blog, Frills In the Hills and enter the Ikea comp!

And just so you know, I have nothing to do with Ikea or the comp on Liss's blog, I just figured if you love Ikea stuff like I do then you would appreciate the info!
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