Friday Fun Fact - Confusing Pairs

I've mentioned before that I receive a daily email called The Best Article Everyday. Which as the name suggests, it sends you what they consider to the best or most interesting article they've found on the net. If you haven't already you should def check it out coz it's a great source of inspiration.

Anyway, an article I got the other week was all about words and how you might be using them wrong. Very interesting, esp if you're a grammar nazi. Click here to have a look at the full article.

And for Friday's Fun Fact, here is 8 Confusing Pairs from the end of the article that you might find interesting. Enjoy!

8 Confusing Pairs - 

leery, wary: suspicious
weary: tired

farther: for physical distance
further: for metaphorical distance or time

principle: rule
principal: of your school

compliment: nice thing to say
complement: match

continual: ongoing but intermittent
continuous: without interruption

stationary: stands still
stationery: paper

imply: to suggest a meaning
infer: to draw meaning from something

affect: typically a verb, meaning “to act upon or cause an effect”; as a noun, it’s “an emotional response”
effect: typically a noun, meaning “something produced,” like a special effect; as a verb, “to bring about,” as in “to effect change” 

Do you ever get caught out with these words? I must admit I always have to stop and think when it comes to stationary/stationery.

Happy Friday!


Timena said…
My English teacher in high school told us this clue to remember stationery with the 'e' in it: the e is for envelope. And it stuck ever since. Thanks for the tips Mrs. P. Lord knows I needed a refresher.
MultipleMum said…
I struggle with affect and effect. Even in your definitions here it is confusing - both nouns and both verbs. *sigh*

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