A Pic A Day - August 17th

Bellagio Casino Lobby
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Taken June 7th 2010


Nadiah said…
Woah, I feel a little high just looking at that. That was in a casino? Usually they're pretty kitschy, but not so much psychedelic. I think if I saw that in a casino, I'd almost find the place not so terribly depressing.
Yeah, it was pretty crazy. It was this huge display in the lobby of the casino, this whole garden made out of flowers and stuff with all this fluro lighting! We'd had a huge yard glass of frozen pina colada by the time we saw this so it was pretty trippy indeed!
Nadiah said…
Pina Colada in yard glasses? I'm so glad it's in the US, or I'd be there this evening.

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