Love Is...

Love Is...getting a text in the middle of the day that simply says "Mwwwaaah!"

Love Is...having the little heater put on in your room just after you've hit snooze on the alarm so the bedroom is warm when you finally get up!

Love Is...being absolute dorks together

Love Is...letting you take a million and one photos of them, and never complaining

Love Is...keeping you company when you're standing in the freezing cold wind taking millions of photos of the sunset when they could be keeping warm in the car

Love Is...starting the car in the morning and putting on the heater in winter so it's toasty warm when you leave for work

Love Is...getting up each morning (afternoon) and cooking you dinner, even though it's their breakfast

Love Is...cracking the seal on a new bottle of juice and removing the foil seal thing on top so you don't splash juice everywhere when you try to take it off yourself after they've gone to work

Love Is...always taking the bins out so you don't have to

Love Is...going to bed at night and finding the doona all nicely smoothed and your pillows fluffed for you

Love Is...putting on a jumper and trackies to be a bit warmer instead of waking you up by trying to wrestle back some of the doona you've stolen during your sleep

Love Is...when you look over and you know they are thinking the same thing as you

Love Is...teaching you to laugh at yourself and not to take life too seriously

Love Is...going down three floors of your New York hotel building to get you a can of drink (because you can't go out coz all your clothes are damp and drying from the wash) and then having to ride the elevator up and down three times coz the damn thing won't stop on your floor again

Love Is...offering you the rest of their ice cream when yours has fallen on the floor

Love Is...vacuuming the house while you're out with your Mum, on top of cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing, cleaning out the guinea pig cage and everything else on your to-do list

Love Is...listening to me tell the same stories over and over again and still being interested

Love Is...reminding me on a Friday morning to do my footy tips, and then following up that reminder with a text at lunch time, just to make sure

Love Is...actions, not words.

Love Is...the little things they do for you to make your life easier, nicer, with no complaints and no expectations


Brenda said…
Awwwww. Such a sweet post, Kylie.xx
Rachel said…
That is love alright.....
Bel said…
Love this x's 1000000000. So so sweet.
Amy xxoo said…
Love is awesome. And so is your post!
Also - you have a guinea pig?
Unknown said…
awwwwwww. what a sweety.
E. said…
Great post. Does he have a brother? One day I might want to trade Mr E. in... LOL.
Kerry said…
That was really beautiful. What a keeper!
Farmers Wifey said…
I LOVE this post..

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