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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I Can't Wait!!! I Can't Wait!!! I Can't Wait!!!

Yesterday Pink Patent Mary Jane's posted a new pic from the next Harry Potter film and it got me sooooo excited and sent me on a searching frenzy for Potter-related pics and trailers.

I found the trailer's online and I am going to post them here so I can find them all again easy enough and don't have to go searching. If you're a Harry Potter fan feel free to have a watch!


I'm not sure what happens to the sound at the end of this trailer below, but it's different to the one above and still good...

There are also a bunch of pics up at the Sydney Morning Herald website and I really liked the one below, I'm hoping this photo means that Hedwig meets a better fate in the movie!



  1. YIPPPEEEEE! thanks for the sneak peak! x

  2. Obviously you KNOW how excited I am, but can I just say, one more time, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!


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