Singin In The Rain

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Lyric Theatre at Star City to see West Side Story with my Mum and three sisters.

My Mum bought A tickets for her birthday and we all tagged along as well. 

The show was really good. I've never seen West Side Story, and although I wouldn't say it's made it on to the Top 5 list, I really enjoyed it. The girls who played 2 of the leads, Maria and Anita, were really good, and the girl who played Maria was gorgeous! I spose the one thing I didn't like was the guy who played Tony, he seemed to be uncomfortable with his arms when he sang, he wasn't quite sure what to do with them and it was distracting.

The choreography was excellent, and while the set was minimal it was bough to life by the actors. All in all it was pretty good.

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Afterwards we went to Hurricane's Grill at Harbourside and got a great dinner! I should mention that before dinner A and I played a little Roulette in the casino, we put $20 in each and won it all back on the first spin! So we kept the winnings and played the rest of the $40 we started with and walked away even. Which is always a good result! Mum put $5 in a pokie machine and couldn't figure out how to change it to a $1 a bet rather than the $5 in one go, so she thought "Bugger it!" and just hit spin and ended up winning $30! Just call us the One Hit Wonders!

When we went to leave the casino it was bucketing down and we only had one umbrella between 5 of us, and no matter how hard you try, that just isn't enough umbrellas! So I took that umbrella and walked over to the 7-11 and thankfully they had plenty of them! So I bought one for everyone and off we went, still getting pretty wet in the process. They weren't the biggest!

Anyway, Hurricane's was really good. Our waitress was really lovely and had a cool British accent. I got half a rack of pork ribs and they were pretty good. Not the best I've had, there were a few too many flecks of really burnt bits on it that just made those bites taste pretty bitter. And it was quite dark in there. It's a good thing I'd checked out the menu on their website before we went and decided what to get coz I would have ruined my eyes trying to strain and read that menu. Why do restaurants do that?!?

I had an absolutely fantastic afternoon and evening and it's definitely a great way to end a weekend, chilling with my Mum and sisters.

Did you guys get up to much on the weekend? Seen any good shows lately?


Amy xxoo said…
My weekend was a bit more "domestic mumma " than yours but the last show i saw was " Wicked! " in September of last year. I'd been wanting to see it since living in the States in 2005 and, after 4 years of waiting, i have to say it was worth it. It was great!

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