A Pic A Day - July 30th

Freshly planted corn at sunset
Windsor Flats
Taken December 30th 2010, Canon EOS 1000D DSLR
UPDATE! As Amy nicely pointed out, this pic was taken in 2009, not 2010! That's what you get for posting while watching tv!


Amy xxoo said…
Nice pic Kylie - but taken December, 2010? If you've invented a time machine, could you please lend it to me? There are a few Lotto draws i'd like to enter ;)
Yep, December 2010. My Pic A Day isn't actually a pic I've taken that day, it's just any pic from my archives that I feel like sharing. I take so many that I wanted to do something with them so I thought I'd post them on the blog. It's good prcatice on my photo-editing software too!

So no time machine, however I really wish I had one, that would be awesome!
Amy xxoo said…
Now i'm extra confused....today is only the 30th of July 2010....so unless you went 4ish months into the future, you cant have taken that picture December 2010. 2009 perhaps?
OMG! You've just proven how fucking stupid I am! Lol! I didn't even pick up on the 2010 thing! I am so stupid! Was totally on auto-pilot! Duh! I will be fixing that now! God damn I need that time machine now so I can go back in time and post the date on that post properly so I'm not exposed as the lazy blogger that I am! Lol! Thankyou for being patient and pointing that out to me. Can you tell I'm at work!
Amy xxoo said…
No worries! Can you tell i'm a stay at home mum with nothing better to do than be pedantic about other peoples blog posts? Oh wait, i do have something better to do ... apparently its called cleaning...

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