Monday Night Musing - Searchin'

On my blog, at the bottom there is a little button from Stat Counter. If you have a blog you may have one yourself. When I click on the button and log-in it tells me all sorts of stats about my blog, like how many people have visited, the posts people like to look at most, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.

I don't look at it very often, but one thing I always like to check out from time to time are some of the search terms that have been used and led the searcher to my blog. I was reminded of this today when Sweet Soft Smudge mentioned on facebook that someone had been directed to her blog from the search term "soft baby trolls" and it made me wonder what people had been searchin' for lately to wind up at my blog.

As you can imagine, the most common ones are things like - funny contradictions (my Friday Funnies), funny pearls of wisdom (another Friday Funny) and various book titles (from my reviews).

But today I came across a new one. 
Someone had searched the following term and been directed to my blog -
Lori, based in vegas and does big wigs

How random is that huh? I don't even know what it means! 

And what post did they land on you ask? A post I wrote entitled 10 Movies That Were Better Than the Book. It was a post I wrote about a list I found on another website and I thought it was interesting. Apparently the reason why it showed up in the search results is because one of the movies listed is Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Lori left a comment and I also left a comment about studio big-wigs changing the endings of books for the film. Now that I've mentioned all of those things again in this post, lets see if it gets referenced again by someone else looking for a Lori who lives in vegas with a bunch of big wigs!

Do you have a blog? What's the weirdest search term you've had direct to your blog?

P.S The pics in this blog are all images that came up when I searched for Lori, based in vegas and does big wigs hehe!


Amy xxoo said…
i dont have a stat counter but on Blogger you can check search queries via your dashboard. I just had a quick look and the one that tickles my funny bone the most?
" Pepsi Max flip ".

Ooh, and also " I hate lady gaga ". Ha ha, Lady gaga!
Unknown said…
Hehe nice to see my name flags the Google God ;)

BTW, did you see Amy's blog post about that Lady Gaga post she did...? Too funny!!
Wanderlust said…
I have statcounter too and am amazed at some of the weird searches that land on my blog.

"Peek a nipple", "I'm confused about Australian politics", "full monty uncensored" and "whoa horsie" to name a few!

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