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Friday, 9 July 2010

Jigged or Wagged?

You know how people from different areas have different words for the same things? Like bogan really started off as a Melbourne thing, while, where I grew up in Sydeny's south-west, we used the term house-o to mean the same thing.

Well when I went to school, good old Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, when we cut school we called it jigging. In the last 10 years since I left school it's come to my attention that most people call it wagging.

So, my question is, what did you call it? Wagging or Jigging? Or is jigging just a Campbelltown-South West Sydney thing?


  1. I went to Ingleburn High, we jigged ;) Hahahaa

  2. I asked my husband (Northern Beaches) and he looked at me blankly and said "playing truant?" Goody goody.

    I am from the UK, and at my school (South coast) we called it "bunking off". But more Northern areas I believe it was called "nicking off".

    Go figure....

  3. Definietly jigging where I'm from, but I'm a Campbelltown girl too :D Not Campbelltown High, but I did go to Campbelltown Primary.

  4. I'm from central west NSW ( yes, over the mountains, out in the country ) and i've only ever called it wagging.
    I've never heard of this whole jigging business ;P

  5. Moving from the Territory to QLD I found that with many things..though both states it was called 'wagging'..Not that I would know :P

  6. Never heard of jigging until now. It was always wagging to me. Maybe it's another Victorian thing that spread.

    Bogans definitely started out in Melbourne specifically. Where I'm from, we called them we called them tacos through the 80s. (Rhymes with whacko, not the Mexican dish)

  7. Ok gonna add a bit of a mix here... Im British and we called it bunking off or skiving, in the States where I live now...playing hookie is the name of the game

  8. Hmmm, so it seems jigging must be a south-west Sydney thing! Good to see I have a few fellows here in blogland!

    Bunking off sounds like a reasonable thing too. It's funny how you get so many different slang terms for the same thing!

  9. in NZ we called it Bunking.
    We called petrolheads bogans and we called bogans westies. Now that I live in Melbourne and live out west, I realise that I am in fact a westie by geography and a wee bit bogan by nature.

    don't even get me started on biscuits and gravy in the states.

  10. We were wagging on the New England Tablelands. I didn't know bogans started in Melbourne. They were well entrenched by the time I moved to Sydney.

  11. We called it skipping. But that seems rather uncreative now.

  12. I love how there are different words for the same thing. We call it "ditching" class or "skipping" school. I like "bunking off" though.


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