Friday on my Mind & Flog Yo Blog 16.07.10

That's right, another Friday, another Flog Yo Blog Post. If I mentioned before this is a great way to find new blogs to follow and to share some Friday happiness and love with other bloggers out there.

Brenda at Mummy-Time does a great job organising Flog Yo Blog every Friday (even if she was a little tipsy while posting!) so you should make sure you show her some love by stopping by her blog.

So does anyone have any interesting plans for this weekend? I'm meeting one of my bridesmaids after work for a coffe and a catch-up, she got engaged on Wednesday nite so very excited to see her. I'm then heading over to Parramatta for dinner with a couple of other girlfriends and on Sunday afternoon I'll be haning out with my sisters and going to the movies to see the new Twilight movie, Eclipse (and for the record, I'm more excited about spending time with my sisters than seeing the actual movie!). Dave's not too happy about losing his wife for most of the weekend, but he'll survive, it's not often I get to catch up with all of my girls in one weekend!

So here's to Friday and the weekend! May it bring you lots of fun and joy and not too much cleaning!


Deb said…
Sounds fun, I'd love some nights out! We just got back from holidays and reality is hitting hard LOL.
Brenda said…
Have a fab weekend, Kylez.=)

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