Flog Yo Blog Friday! 09.07.10

Thank God it's Friday hey! It's been a loooong week. I'm still struggling to get back in the swing of things after such a long holiday and I absolutely can not wait for the weekend to start!

As some of you may know, the wonderful Brenda over at MummyTime hosts a fabulous blog hop on a Friday. The deal is you add your blog to the list and then make sure you visit and follow at least one of the other blogs in the list. It's all about sharing the love and supporting fellow bloggers.

And while you're there, don't forget to show some love to Brenda and say 'hi'! She writes a fantastic blog and I really enjoy reading her posts, even if I do tend to lurk more than comment!

Lurking seems to be the name of my game at the moment, as I either don't have time to comment, or can't form the words in my head just right so I give up. Actually the same thing happens to me with writing blog posts. I'll write out this whole big post about some issue or thing that I have been thinking about, but then I realise that most of what I have written is crap and that I have no idea how to make it better so I just scrap it.

Does this happen to you? It's happening to me more and more and I find myself hardly writing anything at all! It just seems sometimes like everyone else has so many more interesting things to say and they say them in a much better way!

Anyway, make sure you join in the fun that is Flog Yo Blog Friday!

And here's to the weekend! Bring it On!


Brenda said…
Awwww. Shucks. Thanks Kylie. And FTR, I heart heart your awesome piccies. Happy FYBF, lovely.xx
Unknown said…
I've been soooooooo lazy lately re: comments. I read the posts then just can't be assed. So bad I know.

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