Cinnamon Star Finchs and Coffee Makers

Hello there! how has your Saturday been? Busy? Relaxing? Absolutely hectic?

Mine has been ok. Haven't gotten up to much, but some of it was interesting.

While we were away we had an assortment of brothers and sisters house-sitting for us, and one of them kindly left a full pack of english muffins in the freezer! Score! So today we made out own version of Bacon & Egg McMuffins for breakfast and they were delish! I almost burnt some of the muffins under the grill, and some in the toaster (this is why Dave does most of the cooking! I can't even be trusted with toasting!) but I saved them all just in time.

After breakfast we went into Windsor and bought a coffee maker. Dave has been obsessed with getting one since we were in the US. All of the hotel rooms you stay in have these little coffee makers and he has been busting to get one since we got back now that he has realized how convenient and quick they are. So today we got one, and then went for a walk along the river. I took a few pictures, and the weather was just so gorgeous after this horribly cold week it's been (minus 4.5 Tuesday and Wednesday morning's and it only got up to about 10 degrees yesterday, so today was a welcome change.

Once we got home I sat down to finish off my Blogs of Interest post for Blog This tomorrow (you can check it out at 10am) and Dave went out to feed the birds. After about 10 mins out there he came inside with a sheepish look on his face and told me that one of the Cinnamon Star Finch's had gotten out of the aviary when he was putting the feed holder back in.

He wasn't too happy about it, but I said maybe he might come back and hang around, just come inside and watch from the door for a little bit. And sure enough, Cinnamon (original name I know!) flew back down and started eating the seed on the ground around the aviary.

That then started a half hour stand-off between the three of us, trying to coax her back into the cage. In the end we grabbed some butterfly nets that we'd been given at our wedding (pink & green ones, the colours of our wedding!) and when she landed on the side of the aviary Dave managed to nab her and we got her back in the aviary. Thank God! There was a fair sense of pride flowing through Dave's veins at the time I can tell you!

Right now, as I write this, Dave is standing on the Wii Balance Board in front of me, looking like he needs to go to the toilet, jigging around. He bought a snowboarding game last weekend for $8 and he's testing it out for the first time. Sounds and looks pretty lame, (but Dave is comical!) to me, but hopefully dinner will be ready soon (silverside and mashed garlic & herb potato's!) and we can watch a movie or something! Maybe I'll just play the Sims.

How are you spending your Saturday evening? Hopefully you'll all be doing some really cool thing away from your computers (weekend envy much?!?!).


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