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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Get those camera's clicking or start going through your archive or start trawling online, this week we want you to show us CHANGE in photos!
I decided for this challenge to post some photos of my Grandmother, Valerie Torning (nee Allen). These pictures not only demonstrate the change from girl to woman, but also in a small way the change in photography.

1928 - My grandmother, Valerie Allen, about 5 years old

1943 - Grandma on her Wedding Day January 1st, aged 20, before she was even a Ma!
(What a hottie huh!)

1986 - Grandma with her Order of Australia medal, recieved for Services to the Community


  1. I love old photo's...and then seeing how people have changed over the years.....

  2. Wow.... sorry to jump in here again but I just have to you are the spitting image of your Grandmother ...... on her wedding ..ok done now.... :)

  3. Great post. I love old photos. My grandmother split her collection up across the family and I'm trying to track them down so I can scan them and keep a record.


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