So Much to Tell You!

Since last Friday Mr.P and I had been staying at the Days Inn Broadway in NYC, and let's just say their 'complimentary wifi in every room' was a JOKE! Most of the time it wouldn't even connect to the net, and when it did it was at slower than dial-up speeds, so about the only thing I was able to do was post a few status updates on Facebook.

Why do I want the internet when I am on a fabulous US holiday you ask? Because I like to keep my family and close-friends updated on what we've been up to so I don't have to bore them all to death with hours of endless stories when we get home (and so I can remember everything!). I have been so annoyed at not being able to blog or check email but now we are in Canada, staying at Sheraton on the Falls, and it is gorgeous! And the internet is unlimited so tonight I am going to get all my internet-ting out of the way so I can spend the next few days here outside enjoying all that Niagara Falls has to offer.

Mr.P and I are about to go for a bit of an explore outside after finishing our room-service dinner, but I will be back later on to catch up on my pic of the day and to let you know about all the cool stuff we got to do in NYC (truely the BEST city in the world!).

I leave you with the view from our room and me on my first experience of driving on the 'wrong' side of the road!


nellbe said…
Sorry you have had a rough time with the wifi (and sorry for bugging you so much!), I cannot wait to read about your adventures!
It's so weird driving on the wrong side of the road and even more so when you are used to getting in the drivers side on the right and then it all changes! Hope you are having loads of fun!


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