What Makes You Want to Be A Kid Again?

Blog This: Challenge 44 -

Name something that makes you wanna be a kid again. Is it food? A toy? Maybe your credit card bill?
Seriously though, take us back to something that makes you wish you were a kid again, and why...
I've not had a chance to participate in a challenge for a while and I am only just scrapping in on this one by the skin of my teeth! (Where the hell does that saying come from anyway??? Anyone?)

Anyway, this challenge is all about things that make you wanna be a kid again. There are lots of smells that make me think of when I was a kind, like vanilla, and freshly mown grass, and that smell just before a thunder storm on a hot summers afternoon, when the air is just crackling with electricty and you start feel a bit excited, like when you were a kid, about the big storm coming.

But something that always makes me wanna be a kid again is early nineties music, particularly 'dance' music. I was 8 at the beginning of hte 90's, so they really were my decade, and some of those songs just send me back to watching video hits on a Saturday morning, dancing around the backroom to all the songs and pretending I was a famous singer on the stage. Be Your Own Pop Star casette tapes, which you'd put on and dance around and sing to with you fake microphone (it was the early version of Karaoke ok, there was no video with the words, just the tiny casette jacket with the lyrics printed really small).

So that's what makes me wanna be a kid again, so I can dance around the house, singing all my fav top 40 songs, with not a care in the world, no mortgage, no job, just the responsibility of going to school and helping with my sisters! Easy! For an 8 year old!

I will leave you with this collection of some guys 'best dance songs of the early 90's'. It's a bit long, so I just let it load all the way and then skipped through from song to song. Takes me down memory lane! Can't say I had much taste when I was a kid though, this stuff is cringingly bad now!

What takes you back, makes you wanna be a kid again?


Mia said…
By the skin of your teeth comes from a bad English translation of the Book of Job.

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