What Have I Been Reading Lately? 04.05.10

Well, to be honest, not a lot! I've lost my reading mojo these last few weeks, I think it's because I read a couple of absolutely brilliant books which now make everything else I read seem crap!
The last 'new' book I finished (as oppossed to the Harry Potter's I was re-reading), was called Whip Smart, written by Melissa Febos. It was ok. It's an auto-biography that chronicles Melissa's decision to become a dominatrix. At first I was really intrigued by the story, but by the end I just felt sad for her. I'll post a review soon (when I get a minute to scratch myself!) and let you know what I really think!

Right now I am reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. This is one of those books I'd heard people talking about and I curious. I was never into historical fiction at all, until recently when I read a couple of books that either were, or had an element of, historical fiction to them (Year of Wonders, People of the Book) and I realised that I quite liked that historical aspect of the books. So here I am, reading a very weighty tome. It's taking me a while to get through as it's quite long, and one of those books you really need to dedicate chunks of time to (there are so many charatcers it takes a while to get your head around them all!), so it will prob take me another week maybe to finish. But I am enjoying it at least, so that's a bonus!

I have bought heaps of books in the last month or so, in anticipation of going away, so I will have a few to choose from, but none of them have jumped out at me to be read straight away. Hmmm, any suggestions of books to take on a long flight? What have you been reading lately?


Clarissa said…
I really enjoyed Wolf Hall though it does drag on a bit towards the end. Apparantly there is going to be a sequl!

I have been reading
- Mr Rosenblom's List
- THe lovely bones
- The piper's son
- Major Pettigrew's last stand
in the past fortnight

and now A bed made of buttermilk pancakes. All these books are really good - i have just posted a kind of review and teaser of the piper's son on my blog.
Sarah said…
Whip Smart sounds interesting, I look forward to your review.

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