A Pic A Day - May 31st 2010

The Guggenheim Museum in NYC, apparently it has 'art', but we couldn't find any. Lots of graph paper and out of focus pictures, but no real art.
Taken May 31st 2010


Jen Price said…
Oh, bummer! When we went there was Monet and Picassa paintings on display. They were amazing!
Yeah, Mr.P wasn't too impressed by it at all, I liked a few things, some of the photography was good (not the blurred ones ! Lol!). He was more impressed with MoMA and the Met, we were pretty buggered by the time we got to the Met though as we had done quite a bit of other stuff that day, so we didn't spend a lot of time there, but he still got to see some of his fav artists, so that's all that matters!

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