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New York City, high angle view...she's leaving in May!

That's right, I'm gonna be a part of it...

New York! New York!

Mr & Mrs.P are packing their bags for a month long adventure in the US of A! I am sooooo excited!
Niagara Falls and daffodils

I tweeted a little while ago about this trip, back before everything had been finalised and it was all still in the dreaming stage.

But now the trip is a reality, and a little different to what we had originally planned.

Now, to give you a bit of background, I am going to be attending one of the biggest book fairs in the world in New York at the end of May, Book Expo America. I am so bloody excited (did I say that already? Ah, who cares, I'm going overseas!!! And there'll be hundreds of books!). This is my first trip to the states, my first time at a Book Fair, and my first ever 'business' trip!
Las Vegas strip at night, aerial view, Las Vegas, NV, USA

The original plan was to spend a week or two after the Expo in New York, doing the tourist thing, and then to fly home via London with a possible stop in Paris(!).

However, that was waaaaay too expensive. So instead, we have booked ourselves 4 weeks in the States and it will only cost $400 more than the flight alone would have, to come home via London.

So we are now going to be spending 7 nights in NY (after the week of work), then 3 nights at Niagara Falls (where we plan to hire a car and do a bit of driving around, see the sights, I'll be looking for good photographic locations!).

2 nights in Vegas, followed by 6 nighths in Anaheim (50 mins outside of LA) so we can do the theme parks (Disneyland, Universal, Knotts Berry), and finishing it all off with 5 relaxing nights in Hawaii!
Aerial view of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

I reckon with all of that we are really gonna need several days in a tropical paradise to recover from the rest of the trip!

Mr.P is most excited about Hawaii I think. He's been going on and on about seeing a volcano crater and maybe catching an American Fish so he's happy. I think he likes the idea of theme parks and snorkelling bettter than the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben!

I wouldn't really care where we are going, I'm just excited to be going OS. This will be my second trip overseas (the first being my honeymoon to Fiji in 2008) and it will be the longest continuous time Dave and I have travelled for. I imagine I'll be pretty home sick by the time we get back, and I'll be missing my Guinea Pigs like crazy, hoping they have been fed well (they live up to the 'Pig' in their name these two!). But I'll be having too much fun to think about that until the last night, when it's almost over and the thought of 11+ hours on a plane is just BLAH!

We'll be taking the laptop, so I'll definitely be trying to post pics and updates as we make our way from coast to coast. All of the hotels we are staying at have wifi so hopefully it won't be too bloody expensive!

So anyway, that's our big event. We'll be leaving at the end of May, and be back about the 19th/20th June, just in time for my birthday on the 21st! I would have loved to spend my birthday in the Northern Hemisphere, have a birthday that for once would be the longest day of the year rather than the shortest, but we can't really afford to be gone any longer.

So, my faithful friends, do you have any handy tips for this novice traveller, special tricks or hints that will make travelling easier? Have you been to any of the places we'll be going and think there is somewhere we must visit? Any and all advice is much wanted and appreciated!


Vicki said…
Woohoo! You're gunna have a ball.
I have no advice as my only trip to the States was 72 hours I spent in Miami on a frantic business trip. I guess my advice would be stay for longer than I did.
Clarissa said…
Wow! I don't really have any advice either but enjoy yourself. Splurge every now and again. Spend some time just sitting somewhere and reading - I really enjoyed doing that in foreign (non-Sydney places). For example in a random plaza in heidelberg germany or at the base of a waterfall in the Northern Territory. If you are into art maybe go to an art gallery and splurge on one of those audio things - I did that once whilst overseas and it was great as it was something I never really did when visiting art galleries in Australia. But yeah - don't just do the typical tourist things - just sitting and absorbing can be great sometimes.

Maybe in one of the cities just catch a bus somewhere - like not a typical tourist bus - just a random public transport bus - you might see stuff you otherwise will miss.

Let me know what you think of my suggestions! :P
Awesome! I have been to all the places you are going to, so if you need any help, please let me know!

You will have so much fun!
Jen Price said…
Oh my goodness! That is so great! New York is amazing! No way to describe it other than that! There's so much to see! We used to live an hour outside of the city and we loved going! Times Square, the broadway shows, the Guggenheim museum, I mean there's so much to do!

A tip for Niagara...stand on the Canada side to take photos. It's way more beautiful.

We're trying to go to Disneyland in the next couple of months, too! And Hawaii...I'm so jealous!

We've done the S. Africa to USA route many times. About 17 hrs. flying time so I feel your pain. I always bring a book and my knitting to pass the time. Jetlag can be crazy so we sometimes take melatonin (a natural sleep aid) to help get us back on track!

Sorry for the long comment. I'm so excited for you! Have a great trip!
Unknown said…
Wow! That sounds like such an exciting trip! You'll have a wonderful time!
Timena said…
How exciting! I don't travel much but I'm sure you'll have loads of fun. If you like musicals "Wicked" will be playing in NYC, I believe 'cause me sis-in-law is going in May too. Awesome awesome.
How exciting!!

Can't wait for the blog updates too.

SSG xxx
Talia said…
Wow, awesome news!! Now we're both going on o/s holidays!! Yay!!
Heather said…
NY is awesome. We did the red apple tour (a bus to hop on and off of around the sites) If you like Tim Burton, Museum of Modern Art has a fabulous exhibit of his work. We've done Vegas (Cirque du soleil should be a must, and the roller coaster on top of the stratosphere. It is a little kid ride, but so scary that high up). LA - look at the La Brea Tar Pits. Disney is great of course. Walk along Venice Beach. We went to Maui, but body surfing was the best! I hope you have a great time here!
Mia said…
The United States is a very large country. Trying to see it coast to coast and beyond in such a short time is a mistake. I think 2 nights in Las Vegas is ample but you'll wish you spent more time everywhere else. And all that travel time from one city to the next will really eat up each day. A 3 hour flight on paper can easily mean an entire day spent getting to and from airports, waiting at airports, checking in and out of hotels.
Bill said…
I can vouch for Mia's point. After delays, travelling from Little Rock to San Francisco (comparable distance: Melbourne to Perth) took about 14 hours.

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