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Blog This: Challenge 40 -
Tell your readers about a weird co-incidence, freaky story or a six-or-less degrees of separation moment!

I don't really have too many 6 degrees of seperation-style stories but the ones I do have are pretty cool for me. Mr.P is the one who seems to know someone every where we go...and I mean everywhere!

Mr.P, having grown up in the Hawkesbury, it's inevitable that when we are out and about he is going to see people he knows. But this man can go to Fiji and still find people who are good friends with people he knows. In Fiji, on our honeymoon, the resort manager was friends with people Mr.P worked with; when we went to stay at The Retreat at Wiseman's Ferry, the woman who gave us our massages was dating a guy Mr.P went to school with.

One of my '6 degrees' moments came about because of this crazy blogging caper. I happened to comment on Bethwyn's blog about the fact that Mr.P's cousins grew up in the same place in the NT as she did, and what do you know, they went to school together. I thought that was pretty cool.

The other '6 degrees' moment happened the night we got engaged. I was pretty excited, so I sent a text to all my girlfriends (the ones who didn't get a call anyway) and my friend J was on a double-date at the time with her boyfriend, his mate, and his mate's new girlfriend.

J was pretty excited, and turned to A and said "Guess what! Kylez & Dave got engaged!".

A's mate's girlfriend says to J, "Who are you talking about?" and J says "Our friends, Kylie and Dave, they've been going out for years".

And the girlfriend says "You're not talking about Kylie & David Purtell are you?" and J's like "yeah, do you know them?" and the girlfriend says "Yes, Kylie is my cousin!".

So my cousin found out I was engaged via a couple of strangers she'd just met! Pretty funny, we thought!

Do you have any freaky '6 degrees'-type stories? I'd love to hear em!


Unknown said…
Mr P sounds like my step dad. Knows everyone, everywhere, and if he doesn't then he gets to know them.
FoodMuster said…
I have to admit Im a little bit like this too! Where are you guys located in the Hawkesbury? I have friends living out that way and relatives who live at Grose Vale, you might know one or two of them, or at least Mr P might!!!LOL
Cinda said…
Mr P and my hubby are very much alike....meeting people in all kinds of places.
Strangers would come up to my husband and they'd yak away and afterwards I ask him who they were. Most of the time he remembers but majority of the time he'll recognise the face but not the name.... we meet alot of these familiar strangers.It would really bug me so I'd usually end up having to introduce myself because my hubby has forgotten their name.

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