Monday Night Musing - iPad vs Kindle and Whiskers on Kittens

So everyone has of course heard of the iPad.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Introduces Kindle 2 At NYC Press Conference
I kinda want one. But I'm totally Not wasting my money on the first wave, you gotta wait until they work out some of the bugs.

Apple Unveils New Software For iPhone And iPadWhat I really want is a Kindle (that's the Kindle 2 in the image, I want the smaller one). I really think it would be worth it for me. I can grab the books I want for cheap, the ones I don't neccessarily want to keep on my shelf. It would never take the place of real books, but it would be great, and handy.

And I suppose my biggest issue with the iPad is the name. It sounds like some big, high-tech, electronic feminine hygiene product! Don't ya think? I don't think I could read books on something with the word 'Pad' in it's name!


Unknown said…
Yuh. But everytime I hear Kindle I either think of firewood or dreidels.

Kindle still wins. I wanna one too.
Bill said…
I have a long list of why books are better than Kindle, which I will post eventually.

Given the choice, I would take the iPad because of the multitude of different things it can do. Apart from the weight issue, I think Kindle is best suited to people who want a single-use device.

Neither is going to be what bibliophiles want so long as their is DRM on the e-books. I'm all for protecting copyright, but not when it infringes on people's purchases. I read of Orwell's books being summarily deleted from people's Kindles without warning when there were legal issues with the estate. When you own a book, you own it.
Nicki said…
Totally agree with you on the name, but I still want one!
Vicki said…
They really didn't give much thought to the name. Like you, I want either a Kindle or an iPad badly, but it's too soon.

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