I'm Baaaack!

So we went over our dowload limit on Monday so I've had to lay off the internet for a few days. We have 3G a month, which some months is more than enough, but other months, like this one? Not so much.

Mr.P doesn't go on the internet much, but when he does he spends a lot of time on You Tube looking up all kinds of crazy stuff. He and our Brother-in-Law can spend hours on You Tube so it's never a good idea to get the two of them near a computer together!

Things have been quite hectic at work this week so when I've been home I haven't really felt like being on the computer for more time, and it's coincided with picking up a cold from my sister, so haven't felt the best.

I have still tried to go on the treadmill though. Yes, we got a treadmill and it's great! I can go on it at anytime when we are watching tv and I have really been making an effort this past 2 weeks. I've refused to weigh myself, and I'm just concentrating on how good walking most days has made me feel. It's fantastic, and definitely been helping my mind.

There is so much going on, and with planning for this trip comes all the worry with it. I have to make myself stop thinking about everything when I get in bed at night, it all just keeps whirling around, the biggest thing, of course, being the worry about money, will we have enough cash while we're over there, what if something happens, please don't let there be an earthquake in LA, I hope I don't accidentally drive on the wrong side of the road when turning a corner or go the wrong way around a round-a-bout, big things and little things!

But I am excited, despite my (irrational) worries, and I try to focus on the great experience it will be. I'm going to try to get back on track with regular blogging now I've got a full compliment of gigs in my internet arsenal again!

So how has your week been everyone? I'll try to get around to everyone's blogs soon, I promise!


Kerry said…
I feel your pain. My son has just moved back in with me for a few months...and guess what...limit exceeded in the first two days!! Upgrade required. Have fun planning your trip and don't worry...it'll be fine. At least you avoided the Icelandic volcano!
Timena said…
Oooh your trip is coming up fast aye? Well, try not to worry so much. I'm sure you'll have a blast.
Wanderlust said…
You will love Yosemite. It is absolutely gorgeous. And don't fret, you pick up the driving-on-the-other-side thing pretty quickly. Just *don't* start in LA!
Mia said…
Don't worry about earthquakes. They're fun as long as nothing falls on you.

Driving on the right side is pretty easy. Especially when everybody else is doing it.

But when I lived in California it was illegal to drive with an international license. I assume you don't have a North American license. You might want to look into it.

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