I Really Wanna Blog Tonight, But...

...we've gone over the download limit! For most people that's not too much of a problem, it just slows their internet down. Well, mine doesn't slow down, it just charges me 10c for every MB I go over, so it's very expensive to go over!

So there will be no Monday Night Musing or participation in Fat Mum Slim's Point + Shoot or any other cool updates (like what I won from the fabulous Miss Carly over at Everyone Wants This, can't wait to show you!), so I will say adios for now and see you all tomorrow!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I am being naughty and using my work computer to write this post. I could have used the BlackBerry when I got home but BlackBerry blogging is not the best!


carly said…

I make sure the boyfriend doesnt go over the limit. i have valuable uni {blogs} work to get done! hehe.
Melissa {Suger} said…
3GB is a lot. Did you use 3? Holy girl. See you when your off internet time out.

We'll miss ya!
Talia said…
Oh my, how do you survive on only 3GB?! We have unlimited, and had 120GB a month before that, but we constantly used it all!!

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