You've Come A Long Way...Baby!

Blog This: Challenge 35 -
Take us on a journey. Your journey. Something you've achieved, somewhere you've travelled, someone you've become. How has it challenged or changed you?

Here's the story of a Lovely Lady and a Handsome Man. After growing with their families, they felt it was time to create a new family of their own. So in 1978 they got hitched, and the journey began...

In the beginning there was just me. I had my parents all to myself. It was great. I had lots of cousins , including one who was born 10 days before me. Life was good.

Two years and two weeks later, along came A. A and I had lots of adventures (and fights too!) and fun together. 2 sisters against the world. I loved trying to corrupt her!

A and I had almost 4 years of being the Terrible Two! Then along came E. The cutest little thing I'd ever laid my eyes on. A and I were so excited to have another sister, another partner-in-crime.
Our very own Baby Alive

But it didn't stop there! Within three years we had another sister join the gang. I couldn't believe my luck! 3 sisters to play with, laugh with, cry with and fight with. The sisterhood was complete!
But there was one thing missing...

Our brother N! making his debut less than two years after K. Our family was complete!
And so that Lovely Lady and Handsome Man had completed the journey
they'd set upon so many years ago.

Now we're all grown up, but we certainly don't act it!
There's been some up's and down's but through it all we've always been there for each other.
While our family isn't the same today as it was at the beginning, we have a Step Mum and Dad, and boyfriends have come and gone, we're still family. And that's what matters.
My parents journey is our journey too.
And I am so glad I was chosen to be one of the daughters that got to make that journey with them.
Now I've found my own Handsome Man and we've decided to create a new family of our own.
The best thing is that our family will be a part of a much larger one that, as we grow in numbers, will grow in love too. I'm so excited about what our journey will bring, and only hope I can use the things I've learned from my families journey to enhance the one my Handsome Man and I have begun.

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I had no idea you were one of five children!!! I am TOO! We had them exactly as your parents, too, four girls, then the boy! Weird!!

I LOVE my big, loud family! It's easy to see you love yours as well! LOVE these pictures! Such happy faces!!
Kellyansapansa said…
That's a lot of kids! What a beautiful story :o)
Megan Blandford said…
Beautiful pics! I'm one of four and I LOVE being surrounded by family!
Karls said…
Man! You're parents should have got a TV for entertainment! haha

Would they have kept going until they got a boy do you think?
Mia said…
Film processing has come a long way too.
Oh I love those snaps! I am one of five too, and I love it.

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